The blood elves make up one of the races that can be played within the fantasy MMORPG game, World of Warcraft, but many may be wondering why choosing playing as one also means fighting to protect the Horde with wow tbc classic gold. In comparison to race of other members of the Horde the blood elves may seem to be the least popular particularly when they are alongside the orcs, trollsand tauren and undead. To understand why the sin'dorei have pledged themselves in the WoW Horde as opposed to the Alliance they must understand the background that preceded the game's release.

The story of blood-elves (sin'dorei in their own language) is worthy of note because only recently have they donned this name in favor of the name they were previously known as- the high elves or Quel'dorei. They are distant relatives of night elves and have always been identified by their love for magic , and more specifically the fact that they depend on the power of magic. In the early days of Warcraft time, the high Elves lived in a prosperous way in clean lands, their splendor of which became a legend to other races of the continent.

In the event that the orcs attacked Azeroth during the First War and dealt a devastating and decisive blow to humanity (one of World of Warcraft's most important historical events) the Alliance of Lordaeron was formed as a way to deter the threat of orcs. The high elves, already in debt to human race for their help with the fight against the trolls which had threatened them previously, quickly joined forces with the original Alliance. This was to prove to be their salvation, since it wasn't long before the orcs began to attack their homeland, Quel'thalas. In the Second War enacted a heavy burden on everyone who was involved but the Alliance prevailed, and the elves went home to recover from their wounds.

As played out in the story of the popular RTS game Warcraft 3. Arthas Menethil - possibly the franchise's most well-known and influential character - had sinned against his own people, and had pledged himself to the Scourge. His mission was to bring back the powerful necromancer, Kel'thuzad. However, to accomplish this , he required the kind of power only found in the high elf cities of Silvermoon. He was specifically after the Sunwell that was the source of unlimited magical energy that was the heartbeat of high-elf culture.

The Fallen Prince led his army of undead, its ranks strengthened by the numerous bodies of Lordearon's citizens, and marched on to his prize. Many attempted to stop him and he was a popular Warcraft persona Sylvanas Windrunner, but her, like every other warrior, was taken down in a brutal manner and then thrown into soulless slavery. The elves of the high elves cried out to aid but there was no assistance from the allies with wow tbc gold. Most of the Alliance was either too far away for assistance or simply dead. Arthas was nothing short of massacre, taking out 9-10% of the population of elves in one brutal sweep. He also soiled the Sunwell beyond recognition, degrading the high elves' source of magic and their faith in the future.