Mixed marriages are on the rise with many young people leaving their traditional places for suitable work. I recently had to organize such a mixed wedding for my daughter. We were from Maharashtra and the groom from Punjab and decided to go for a destination wedding where the main event would be held in the calm backwaters of Kerala.

Shouldering the entire burden

Since the wedding venue was so far away, we decided to hire a wedding planner to make everything run smoothly. There are many destination wedding planners in Jaipur and after comparing the prices of top planners based on their reputation in the market we finally selected one. After hiring the services of a company that offers wedding planning services in India, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders. The wedding planner did all the planning, arranged our flights and also booked hotel rooms and wedding venues for us in Kerala.

Better negotiation with the vendors

Indian wedding vendors are a tribe in themselves (in every state) and getting a good deal from them requires a seasoned wedding planner with years of experience. For this, we are very thankful to the company that organized our daughter's successful wedding event at a beautiful place in Kerala. Being an expert event planner with years of experience in this field, she has contacts with many famous wedding designers in India. She suggested us some names who are more likely to understand our taste and create the theme of the wedding the way we wanted.

The perfect organiser

The wedding event spread over three days and our planner and her team were with us the whole time to make sure everything went smoothly. To streamline the event, she hired a wedding photographer, caterer, florist, electrician and other vendors. There were many things to do during these three days, but with the little breaks we had between various ceremonies, the wedding planner organized a tour for us to enjoy the calm backwaters of Kerala. It was a wonderful experience for us because we didn't have to worry about all the arrangements (everything was done by the planner), but we enjoyed the time meeting the parents and relatives of the bridegroom and had a great time connecting them at a personal level.

Hiring the wedding planner was a great decision on our part. It made the entire process of organising such a gala event in a distant place so much easier. We did not have to share any problems related to logistics and other issues related to organising such a big event. We spent our time there enjoying the event as well as the beautiful sights.