Repairing everything is not possible. Sometimes your heavy vehicle needs to be modified to keep your truck running!  When it comes to auto parts replacement, you usually rely on the most reliable and trustworthy auto parts supplier. But why? Why is it important to trust big names? Well, the most reliable auto parts supplier will recommend only the best and original parts.

An original part is a car part that was installed in your vehicle when the vehicle was first manufactured. Genuine parts are more expensive than other types of auto parts because they have the company logo.

Let's have a look on the advantages of buying genuine spare parts


1. Meets your vehicle specifications

Every car manufacturer designs their cars differently and therefore has different specifications and needs. To meet these specifications, automakers choose the right auto parts manufacturer and call their product an original part for their car or vehicle. So every car model has a different original parts manufacturer, so you should buy genuine parts that perfectly match the specifications and needs of your car.

2. Fits well in the car

Genuine auto parts are designed to fit a specific car model from a particular company exactly. With original spare parts, you can therefore be sure that nothing will suit your car better.

3. Replacement Warranty

Genuine spare parts help keep you safe in the event of a breakdown. The replacement warranty covers all defects and can provide a warranty of 12-24 months depending on the brand.

Why not to use Non - Genuine truck parts

1.Testing, acquisition and compatibility

The main difference between original and non-original parts is that the former are inspected and tested by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). You know where and how it is made, so you can be sure of its quality, durability and reliability. In the event of failure, the manufacturer and the original equipment manufacturer must be held liable. Original and authorized parts are designed and manufactured specifically for your vehicle and are compatible with other parts and systems in your truck.

2.Total Cost of Ownership

Then there is the total cost of ownership. Aftermarket parts can be more economical, but in the long run it can be a fake economy to save money by using low-quality spare parts. Just think how much will an unplanned shutdown cost you due to failure of an understood part? How much will an accident cost you? Considering how much you’ve invested in your truck, does it really make sense to compromise your performance and safety for a relatively low economy? Especially when it will void your truck warranty?


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