You made an offer to buy a house and it was accepted? You have 7 days left to perform a pre-purchase inspection. This is your best ally for your real estate transaction. A pre-purchase inspection is required to avoid the discovery of hidden defects after purchase.

It is recommended to contact the property inspector before even making an offer on the house. Renowned home inspectors are very busy and may not be able to meet your 7 day deadline. Buyers inspection group Know that it is still possible to agree with the seller on a longer period.

Why Inspect?

There are many reasons to have the coveted home inspected. With the pre-purchase inspection, you can find out what maintenance work will be required if you decide to complete the purchase. The building inspector also makes sure to inform you about urgent repairs. Thus, two choices can be offered to the seller: carry out the work or lower the price of the property.

If the state of the house does not suit you and the inspection is mentioned in the purchase offer, you can withdraw from the transaction without any problem. A hidden defect is discovered after the purchase of the house and you have had it inspected? The inspection report will prove that you have taken the necessary steps to avoid this situation.

Items Inspected

During the pre-purchase inspection, the building inspector makes sure to check the elements that are visible to the naked eye. The goal is to detect anomalies in the building that could reduce the value of the said property. If a major defect is noted by the building inspector, he must mention it in his inspection report. Here is the list of components inspected:

  •         outside
  •         The roof
  •         Plumbing
  •         electricity
  •         The heating system
  •         The central air conditioner
  •         interior

Inspection Times

When the purchase offer is signed, the buyer has 7 days to carry out the pre-purchase inspection of the house. Following the inspection, the inspector must report his observations and any major defects, if any, to the buyer. The latter then has 4 days to decide before the seller. Is the buyer satisfied with the inspection? Should he renegotiate the selling price? It is at this moment that everything is played.

When signing the purchase offer, the buyer can agree on a longer period with the seller. This mention must be specified in the purchase offer to avoid any misunderstanding. It may be that the 7-day delay is not long enough to find a competent real estate inspector available quickly. This is why the extended lead time is a good option for the Buyers inspection group. It is recommended to be in contact with a real estate inspector even before signing an offer to purchase.

  •         Choose Your Building Inspector

The real estate inspection field is not governed by a professional code. Anyone with some knowledge in the field of construction can claim to be a building inspector. It is possible, for a building inspector, to join the Association of Building Inspectors of), the Key Property Inspection Group of Inspectors and Experts in Buildings (ANIEB), as well as at. These are two Quebec non-profit organizations that have established rules and standards of practice. On the other hand, no real estate inspector is obliged to become a member of one or the other.

It is therefore strongly recommended that you take the time necessary to choose the right home inspector. Make sure he is a member of a professional association and has errors and omissions insurance. The latter protects you in the event of the discovery of a hidden defect after the inspection of the building. It is best to hire the services of an inspector with a number of years of experience.

Find out from former clients who have requested the services of the home inspector in question. Did they enjoy their experience? Are they fully satisfied with the inspection report issued by the inspector? Ask all the questions you deem relevant. Do not forget! Buying a home is the most important investment of your life: protect it as best you can