Yes why? Let us rather try to ask this question: «Example: DnB offers you a high-interest account with 3% interest per year. Which one do you want to choose? » Of course, you choose the bank that gives you the best and highest interest rate so that you get a higher "return" on your money. This also applies in AU casino world. New casino bonuses appear daily at various online casinos.

Here we will list some reasons why casinos offer bonuses.

  • to make a name for yourself / be known in the market due to all the competition from the other online casinos;
  • to attract attention;
  • fo to encourage players to try new game releases;
  • to get players to play more;
  • to reward their players;
  • to make themselves more attractive in the market;
  • to attract new players;

+ many other possible reasons.

As you may already know, there is a "knife to the throat" in this industry. If they can't get players to start playing with them, then it's Game Over. The casinos compete with each other to attract new players, while trying to get the players who are already at their casino to play more. This is where the money comes in. Virtually all casinos try to say that they have the best casino bonus on the market. So check carefully before you decide.

What kind of casino bonuses are there?

We have already mentioned the welcome bonus, deposit bonus, match-free bonus and free spin a little further up in the article. So here we will consider each individual bonus and give a brief explanation of what it is and a couple of examples of which casino offers this particular bonus.

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus is a word used related to new players. Most often, the welcome bonus is linked as a deposit bonus or match bonus. You can usually get the welcome bonus on your first 3 deposits. Some casinos even offer bonuses on the first five deposits. The welcome bonus can also come in the form of free money or free spins. In casino reviews on our website you can find a more detailed overview of what kind of welcome bonus each casino offers.

Almost all online casinos offer welcome bonuses, just check the list on our welcome bonus page.

Free Spins

Free spins, or better known as free spins, are offered at many online casinos. You usually get a free spin bonus with your deposit. How many? It varies from casino to casino. Very often you get an offer for this bonus in your welcome bonus. You will receive a number of free spins when you make a deposit. On some sites you get all free spins ASAP, while some distribute these spins over 5 days or more.

Free spins are perhaps the most popular form of casino offer among casino online There is always an opportunity to enjoy some great free spins. For example, when launching new games, when you have a birthday, or just because it's finally the weekend. You can even get free spins as a form of cashback if you have a personal loyalty agreement with a particular casino. The free spins can come on brand new news, old classics, or just a few popular favorites. When you choose to take part in a welcome offer or just an everyday promotion that includes free spins, it is also important to take note of the wagering requirement in addition to which games the spins apply to.

Deposit-free bonus

There is no better form of bonus than a no deposit bonus. Yes, that's exactly what it sounds like. You get a bonus with no need to make a deposit! This bonus can take many forms, and is used in welcome bonuses, such as when you get free spins upon registration, or NOK 100 without deposit . But it is not only new players who can take advantage of this type of casino offer. It can also appear in promotions for loyal and active players. Among other things, it is very common for casinos to give out free spins when they introduce new titles to their selection. Such bonus promotions can also show up around holidays like Christmas and Easter, or show up in your inbox on your birthday.

Deposit-free bonus is a bonus that you can get by only registering at an online casino. This bonus is not a large sum, but it can give you a head start on a new casino adventure. It often appears as free spins. These casinos that offer this bonus are often referred to as no deposit bonus casinos.

Deposit bonus (Match bonus)

Match bonus or deposit bonuses (also known as deposit offers) are extra amount of money you get by making a deposit. It can be 200%, 100%, 50% ol match bonus, depending on the casino. In fact, there are some online casinos that offer up to 500% match bonus. With such a high percentage in the bonus, it is very often that the maximum deposit to qualify for this bonus is a few hundred bucks. Example: Deposit 100 kroner and get 600 kroner to play for. 5oo kroner "free" plus your own hundred note, a total of 600 kroner.

Deposit bonuses can come in all sizes and shapes. Here, however, we have taken our time to list the most popular, in addition to what they are usually used for, and of course some tips on where to get these bonuses.