Captain Tractor offers a wide range of tractor models in India with an HP range from 15 to 28 hp. Captain Tractor provides compact tractors with all the practical qualities of fully organised tractors. On scrolling down further, you will find the top 3 tractors amongst the other options available by the company: Captain 283 4WD- 8G One of the most elegant tractors, the Captain tractor 283 4WD- 8G, looks very appealing. It has three cylinders and 27 HP. Captain 283 4WD's 8G engine capacity offers good field mileage. One of the powerful tractors and one that gets high mileage is the Captain 283 4WD- 8G. The 283 4WD- 8G 4WD Tractor can offer excellent field performance. Captain 283 4WD- 8G is available for a fair price of Rs. 4.84–4.98 Lakh* in India. Captain 250 DI-4WD This tractor has two cylinders and 25 horsepower. The engine capacity of Captain 250 DI-4WD offers effective field mileage. Moreover, one of the robust tractors is the Captain 250 DI-4WD, which has good mileage. Therefore, the 250 DI-4WD 4WD Tractor can offer excellent field performance. The Captain 250 DI-4WD costs between 4.48 and 4.88 lakhs* in India. To know more about Captain Tractor, tractors, Mini tractor, tractor price, new tractor, tractor cultivator and other farming necessities, stay tuned with Tractor Junction.