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* Easy to block 20-400m2 coverage.

* Portable Hand-held Signal Jammer For Car And Home.

* Support 8 Frequency Band Just You Customize.

* Three Kinds Of Power Supply Flexibly Using.

* Harmless To Human Body.

* FCC/CE/SGS Certification.

 Amplitec mobile cell phone signal jammer is used to block mobile phone 2g 3g 4g 5g and wifi gps bluetooth etc...

  Shielding effect is affected by local signal strength. For example, someplace signal strength is -60dB, signal jammer can block about 150m2, but someplace strength is -20dB, signal jammer only can block 10m2 even no effect. But -60dB and -20dB they both show 5 full bar mobile phone signal, but the actual effect is very different.