Everything You Need To Know About Spanish Residence Permit

Spain is truly the land of dreams that you can visit for many reasons. But if you want to move your entire life to Spain, you may require a Spain residence permit. The residence permit is not easily obtained. To obtain the residency card, you must stay in the country for 183 days every year. This will make you a tax resident of the country.

Get These Three Things for Achieving Spanish Residency

The first thing that you require will be a Spanish Residency card. The Padron will also be required, and a SIP which is a health card, will be the third important thing. To understand the exact requirements of all these things, you need to check it according to the region where you will live. For instance, if you live in Calpe Spain, you need to check the information about this. The documents may be a little different in every region.

Requirements for Residency Card

To become a Spanish resident, a residency card is extremely essential. The foreigner's office or the police station in your area will issue this card to you. You may require getting the Residency card before the Padron in various areas. However, this can vary from place to place. If you have all the paperwork done, you may get this card on the same day that you apply for it. You will require submitting various documents such as your passport, proof of income, passport size photographs, foreigner's tax number, Residency application form, etc. It would help if you tried to take the original and the photocopy of the documents.

Other Requirements

There are various other requirements that you need to fulfill. For instance, your life in Spain should be financially sustainable, which means you should have a monthly income of above 800 Euros. If you come under the pensionable age, you should also present proof of your Spanish health insurance. In some cases, you may also be required to present the insurance payment proof. All these documents are not easy to remember. So, you can take help from Torrevieja Translation.

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