You are running your business smoothly. The situation is good. What can you do to ensure that every interaction with your product counts for your business? There is a service called missed call service.


Keeping your customers updated without a significant time investment can be achieved by combining technology with business management. Historically, when call rates were extremely high, the idea of using a "missed call" was born out of necessity.


In time, however, people began to use missed calls as a way to notify their friends and family that they needed communication. As soon as it became popular, businesses started advertising it. 


Missed call services are still effective marketing strategies that can be used with other forms of pull marketing, even though call rates have dropped dramatically in recent years. Psychologically, people want to avoid calling costs, which is a powerful yet obvious concept.


Worldwide, businesses use missed call services to create low-cost marketing campaigns that leverage customers' buying intent while communicating with and attracting their audiences.


Missed Call Service Benefits for Your Business


Consistent and hassle-free communication plays a key role in the success of today's smart businesses. You can generate leads easily and inexpensively with missed call service. Multiple marketing objectives can be achieved through missed call service, including lead generation, voting (missed the chance to vote for your favorite celebrity), verifying mobile numbers, surveys, contests, and customer feedback. Let's take a closer look at the detailed benefits of missed call service.


1. Maximizing efficiency


Marketing professionals can save time by automating several processes with a missed call service. In addition to facilitating and automating customer support, such services can also improve productivity.


In the CRM, a missed call is logged and a support agent is allocated when a customer needs support. Missed call numbers can be used for different departments within your company or various products and services.


The support team can be at the customer's beck and call in less time, saving them time by avoiding long waiting times. Missed call services are not only valuable for customer support but also for lead generation.


Your agents could call back your potential customers instead of filling out lengthy forms.

Your leads will appreciate the ease of connecting without having to spend more time or money doing so.


2. Feedback Mechanisms are Simple

Your business' decision-making must be guided and informed by customer feedback. This is also very important, especially if it will affect the way your product or service is delivered.


By implementing a missed call service, you will be able to run feedback campaigns seamlessly and easily. Participating in action via SMS can be discouraging because of potential costs. E-voting and phone surveys have been revolutionized by missed call services. By replacing message responses with missed call responses, they have simplified the entire process.


You can run voting polls for your business by letting your audience call specific numbers to indicate their preferences. A questionnaire can also be sent via SMS or voice message; after that, a missed call can be made by the recipient. Missed call services are extremely useful.


3. Generating High-Quality Leads


The best way to generate leads is not to buy random mailing lists, send email blasts to your contacts, or buy links. Leads of poor quality are not only a nuisance for your sales team, but they also hurt your marketing efforts.


A missed call service can be an effective tool for generating organic and high-quality leads for your sales team. The option of missed calls naturally leads your customers towards your service, since it eliminates many intermediate levels of communication and streamlines their approach to you.  


You want to hear from your customers when they call you. Your product has caught their attention and they are interested in contacting you. As a result, it's much easier to convert them into buyers.


Lead generation from missed call services can also be tracked against various marketing campaigns. In addition, it helps you stay up-to-date on the customers you might want to retarget in the future.


4. Ability to Adapt


You shouldn't overlook landline phone connections with your customers. With a missed call service, you can reach both landlines and mobile phones, leaving no target unreachable. It provides an easy way to reach out to customers who are not tech-savvy or who live in remote areas.


5. Easy-On-The-Budget


Your business and your customers will both benefit from missed call services. There are missed call campaigns that cost pennies but return a lot more in terms of return on investment.


In addition to being effective and cost-effective, such campaigns reach a large number of people. As a result, they remain very attractive to customers since they are free to use. Reaching out to you is free of barriers and hindrances for customers.


6. Data That Is Updated In Real-Time

If you miss a call from a customer, the cloud server saves and updates the information in the CRM. With a missed call service, your business can save up on plenty of customer information at no cost.


A missed call service might be the key to most of your business success, no matter how long you have been in business or how new you are. Subscriptions are especially important if your revenue model relies on them.


As well as easing the process on the customer's end, missed call services can also enhance the customer experience. Long and tedious forms are no longer required. Your service can be subscribed to with just a missed call.


7. Audience At Large

Missed call services are widely available since most people have smartphones and phones. Missed call service is an excellent marketing tool compared to other marketing methods. In terms of reach, it is superior to many others. 



It is undeniable that missed call services are an effective marketing tool and keep your customers engaged. Additionally, missed call service can be used in a variety of ways depending on what your business needs.   Interested in a missed call service and searching for a missed call service provider? Why not get started now? To learn more about your options and to generate high-quality leads, give us a call at 91 7097171717 or send an email to