Initial coin offering is the most commonly known crypto crowdfunding method in the crypto sector for fundraising. It allows startups to raise funds from global investors easily and quickly. In fact, it is an excellent source for emerging startups and entrepreneurs to enhance their financial state. Anyone can launch ICO to develop their business by raising funds using crypto tokens because it is a highly unregulated process, a decentralized method, and provides transparency. 


While launching an ICO, there are some factors that define the ICO development cost. They are…


Development method - It is a primary factor that plays an important role in defining the ICO development cost. Because you can develop ICO in two ways. Such as developing ICO from the scratch and another one is developing ICO using pre-made ICO script software. 


Timeline of the project - it is the phase between starting and ending of your ICO development. Launching a secure ICO platform will require a solid amount of time meanwhile it is also based on the expertise of the developer team. 


Technical architecture - It is a major step to implement a proper framework for your project which mainly includes the technical aspects of the ICO development 


These are the factors that affect the cost of launching an ICO crowdfunding platform. Among these, the development method that you choose plays a major role in ICO development cost. As a startup advisor, I like to suggest you choose an ICO script as your development method. By choosing the ICO script you can reduce the overall development cost and also it is a cost-effective solution to initiate your ICO campaign. 

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