Dubai Aluminium enterprise Ltd – boron nitride coating

incredible flexibility No Deformation lengthy existence time Corrosion Resistance To The Molten Aluminum

Aluminum silicate boron nitride coating is the essential thing part of the non-prevent aluminum experience casting machine which right away impacts the best of aluminum sheets. The caster hints may be divided into many types in line with in reality one in all a kind casting machines.

Aluminum silicate boron nitride coating produced via ADTECH is compounded via ceramic fiber and a few other refractory materials. the opening ground and the coating of the strolling floor are smooth and it can evidence in opposition to the corrosion of the liquid aluminum, making certain the purity of the aluminum sheet. Castertips with incredible non-wetting houses, low thermal conductivity, immoderate-temperature stabilities, uniform density, clean surfaces, and near tolerance, are advanced merchandise for non-prevent aluminum strip casting.

Taphole/tap out cone for non-ferrous metal melting furnaces.


Cone-formed, Off white shade

cloth:Inorganic 1260 ceramic fiber, additionally referred to as aluminosilicate fiber


for use to cover and protect taphole plugs used in furnaces for melting aluminum, magnesium, and zinc alloys.

The cones are disposable and are endorsed for one-time use.


hold strength during the software program

A textured outdoor ground minimizes tearing in the course of insertion.

Resilient composition insures a tight in form between the tap hole plug and tap block.

Does no longer burn, smoke, or degrade.

Taphole boron nitride coating for non-ferrous metallic melting furnaces