Using phone recording to confirm if your spouse is cheating on you or not is relatively easy to do. If they are making phone calls from your home line, you just need to get a phone recorder and hook it up to any unused wall jack in the house. An alternative option could be a call recorder for iphone. It can then record phone calls from all phones in the house.


Having a phone recording of their cheating conversations will give you the proof you need to confront them. There are many types of phone recording devices available on the market. The kind you want is the type that plugs into the wall jack and does automatic recording of all phone calls. Don't get one that plugs into the telephone handset because you want to be able to hide the phone recorder from them.


Once you have the telephone recorder, you need to find an unused wall jack somewhere in your house that they won't notice. Maybe there's one behind some furniture in the den or office. The digital phone recorders are small enough so they'll be easy enough to hide. Most of them are about the size of the palm of your hand. They come with all the connections you need to get started.


The other important feature you need to be sure to get when choosing your telephone recording device is that it has automatic recording. This means that is will record every conversation made on your home telephone line. Not all models do this. Some require you to manually start and stop the recorder to record phone calls manually. The kind you want is automatic.


It's really that simple. Set up the automatic phone recording device to record phone calls in your house. Then whenever your spouse is not around you can check the recorder and hear all the conversations. All recorders have built in microphones so you can listen right from the recorder. Some more advanced models have removable SD cards so you can just change out the SD card quickly. Then you can take the SD card somewhere and listen to it, such as on your laptop somewhere.


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