Some of the businesses strongly believe that an IVR is not that helpful. Research conducted has shown that although IVR has been found to be irksome, customers readily welcome short messages.

The IVR systems which are existing now are not clear cut and therefore many customers hang up on the call.  However customers would be happier with self-service IVR systems that are highly efficient and give total control to the customers. Additionally, if customer calls are routed to the wrong department, they actually waste customers’ time and lead to poor customer experience.  


Self-service IVRs can provide a knowledge base to customers so that it improves customer experience. Therefore it can be said that an IVR enhances customer experience. To understand how, you should read this article.

How Can IVR Improve Customer Experience?

An IVR being an automated telephone system allows a customer to interact with a phone menu. This is usually done either by choosing from a range of options via a touch-tone keypad (DTMF tones) or using by your voice.

Once the IVR collects the caller responses, the system then identifies the most relevant department to route the call to automatically. This decision is dependent on how the contact centre has programmed the logic into the IVR menu. This is one reason as to why most modern calls use IVR system to route the customer calls to the right agent and make the process more efficient. Described below are the ways IVR can improve customer experience.

Time Efficient


IVR has a huge potential to save the time of both the customers and the businesses. The waiting time and call time is significantly reduced when the customer’s call is connected to the right agent. This results in quick resolution of customers problems creating a positive customer experience.  

This requires you to understand your customers thoroughly. For example you will not be able to design a suitable IVR menu if you do not have good knowledge over typical customer inquiries. Neither would you be able to reduce the call volume burden on agents. In such a situation, it leads to increased call waiting and hereby poor customer experience.

Moreover, business organizations can optimize call center operations by making customers wait instead of triggering self-service IVR systems. Simple inquiries can be resolved quickly and without the need for a human agent using these systems. Customers who wish to speak with a real person can also benefit from a shorter wait time.

Let’s You Understand Your Customers Better


Generally, around 5% response rate is usually generated with online surveys. However the response rate generated with IVR surveys is generally 70%. Prerecording an automated phone survey is allowed by an IVR survey.

An IVR survey when added at the end of call interaction can evaluate customer satisfaction and help you get insights on how better you can improve your customer experience. Better customer journey can be build using such an approach.

Scaling for Multi-Language Text-To-Speech Technology


Scaling customer support for multiple languages is difficult once a business has expanded itself internationally. However with IVR it is not difficult at all. Today many IVR systems have text-to-speech technology with multi-language support. The support ensures that once a text file is provided in one language, the system automatically translates this language into all types of languages. The system can also generate audio messages automatically based on the translations.

Advanced IVR systems like this help businesses to provide personalised, local support to many consumers. One way to boost trust and enhance the customer experience is to speak to your customers in their native language.

Customers get Round-the-clock Support with IVR


Have you ever had an unpleasant experience where you called the customer support but were told you had called outside the operating hours and hence have to call again later?

Such unpleasant experiences can be avoided with IVR systems.  Moreover if the IVR is self-service and available 24/7, it helps your business gain an edge over the others.  By providing a self-service IVR, your customers need not waste time waiting to get the issue resolved. This ensures you provide stellar customer experience.

Customers get Accurate and Timely Information

Using IVR, customers can receive accurate and timely information about special offers, upcoming sales and product enhancements.


Suboptimal customer experiences cannot be tolerated in today's world. If the customer experience is poor on one channel, the customer may remain away forever, even if the product is excellent. Customers have always preferred phone interaction. Technology advances have made it possible for IVR systems to streamline call center interactions and provide a pleasant, personalized customer experience at a low cost.

An IVR system can be customized to meet the individual customer's needs. Wish to build a good customer experience with IVR? Office24by7  Technologies IVR systems put your customers in control of their communications, while allowing you to customize a more frictionless journey for them. Call us at 91 7097171717 or email us at for further assistance.