The transportation of patients without any delay or complication can benefit the health of the traveller and ensure the evacuation process gets completed on an optimistic note. Air Ambulance Service in Patna is the most appropriate medical transportation provider that presents the transportation service in medically outfitted aircraft carriers having intensive care, critical care, and life support facilities. Our medical jets have all the latest technology and medical tools present inside to ease the transportation process.


We have a large pool of medical advancements that suits the specific needs of the patients and guarantees unsurpassed transportation operation in the presence of dedicated medical staff. Our medical crew has years of experience in delivering medical attention to the patients and keeping them stable onboard. The medical devices essentially installed inside the aircraft carrier of Air Ambulance from Patna include oxygen cylinders, suction pumps, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, nebulizers, etc. that suit the specific medical condition of the patient.

Sky Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata Operates with Sophisticated Medical Equipment

The emergency medical transportation service offered by Air Ambulance Services in Kolkata ensures the patient reaches the center of medication without wasting any time. We arrange for all the logistics and documents that are needed for a non-turbulent ride from one place to another. We have a dedicated medical staff to take care of the health of the patient on board and an apt aviation crew that manages the cabin pressure and handles the aircraft-related arrangements.

We at Air Ambulance from Kolkata deliver stretcher, wheelchair, bed-to-bed, and low-cost service that helps people in meeting their transportation-related needs. We offer a customized solution to shift patients to the center of medication and a state-of-the-art medical airliner that is apt for the efficient transportation of patients. Our best-in-line medical advancements play a significant role in providing a trouble-free ride to the medical center. Contact our help desk for booking the medical evacuation service now!

•             Dedicated medical crew

•             Transparent service

•             Low-cost budget

•             Best-in-line medical equipment

•             24/7 availability