Pleasant weather, rich culture, excellent wine and food, and lower cost of living are the main reasons why Britons prefer moving to Spain from UK. The number of Britons moving to Spain every year is steadily increasing.

However, before moving to Spain from the UK, there are certain things that a Briton must fulfill. Here’s a complete checklist for reference.

Spanish Residency

With Brexit, the status of the UK has changed to a third state, which has also changed the Spanish residency regulations for Britons. Now, the Britons can apply for a tie card, non-lucrative residence visa, or a golden visa.

Each type of Spanish residency visa has different requirements. It is advisable to connect with an agency that can assist in determining the right fit.

NIE Number

Spanish identification for foreigners, NIE number, is a must for Britons moving to Spain. It is advisable to apply for an NIE number before entering Spain. However, the NIE number can be applied for after entering Spain too. The process will take place through the immigration office or a police station.

Tax Residence

Whether an applicant is moving to Barcelona or Alicante Spain, or any other location in the country, they need to apply for tax residence. And for the same, the applicant must comply with Personal Income Tax and Declare their assets.

Update Passport and Driving License

Amidst complicated legal procedures, Britons mustn’t forget to update their passport and driving licenses. Make sure the passport is valid for up to one year after your move. Moreover, UK driving licenses are valid only for the first six months; later, Britons must apply for a Spanish driving license.

Get Removed from National Health System (NHS)

When permanently moving to Spain from the UK, applicants must inform the British Healthcare System. They must talk to their GP and inform them about the move, and the GP will remove them from NHS.

On arrival in Spain, an applicant can get free Spanish healthcare facilities. Please make sure to read the requirements for free healthcare facilities.

Inform New Address

After landing in Javea Spain or the preferred Spanish city, and finding a home, make sure to provide the new house address in the local town office.

Create a New Bank Account

Lastly, the applicant must open a new bank account with a Spanish bank. The applicant must provide a passport, NIE number, and tax documents.

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