Mobile printing provides the freedom to print and scan from anywhere. It increases productivity by printing the document using the mobile and reducing the time spent printing. Mobile printing also increases cybersecurity and keeps your data secure. You can choose multiple printing options via your phone without needing to touch the printer. Here are the steps to using the Canon printer app to print from Android or iOS smartphones/devices.

Step 1: Prepare your Canon Printer to Print and Scan

Preparing it for the print job is the first thing to require before printing.

  • Remove the printer from the package and remove all the packaging tapes and material.
  • Load the paper on the printer paper tray and connect the printer to the power cable.
  • After that, turn on the printer, choose the language, and lets the printer print the first paper.
  • Now, scan the document to set the paper alignment of the scanner.

Step 2: Connect the Printer and Download the Canon Printer App

Once you are done preparing, the printer asks the methods to connect to your device. Choose to connect it to the wireless network. If required, enter the WiFi password to connect your printer. If you want to send the print job from your phone, you need to get the Canon printer app. You have to go to the Apple Store or the Google Play Store to download the Canon printer app. Once you finish downloading and installing the Canon printer app, it asks you to search for available printers. Click on the Yes and choose the network to connect the printer with your device’s Canon printer app. After selecting the wireless network, you can start printing and scanning your documents, photos, Etc.

Step 3: Start to Print and Scan your Documents/Photos

From the home screen of the Canon printer app, choose to click either on Photo Print or Document Print. You can also choose to print from the device or the Google Cloud. Choose the document or the photo from the device. A print preview of the paper will appear; click on Next. A new screen will open, change the print settings and click on the “print.”

With the help of the Canon printer app, you can also choose to scan your documents or photos. Put the paper in the printer’s scanner, and then click on the Scan option in the Canon printer app.

How to Print from Android/iOS Phone to Canon Printer?

Here, you will understand how to send a print job to your Canon printer using the Canon printer app. Here are the steps to connect the print and your Android/iOS photo to your printer.

  • Firstly, connect your phone to a wireless network.
  • Click the Google Play Store/App app and search for the Canon printer app.
  • Choose to download the Canon printer app and wait till it gets installed on your phone.
  • Select the documents you want to print and click “Print.”
  • Now, you will get a print preview of the document and a series of modifying options.
  • After that, choose “Printer” on the Canon Mobile Printing print preview section. If it is not present, search for the Canon printer manually.
  • Lastly, click on the “Print” option to give the printing command to your printer.

How to Use Apple AirPrint to Print via iOS Devices?

AirPrint is an Apple feature that does not require installing drivers to print the documents.

  • Firstly, turn on the printer and connect it to the LAN network. Also, check the network settings.
  • Click on the operation icon on the application software installed on your Apple phone.
  • Now, click on the menu option and choose “Print.” Select your printer from the “Printer Options.”
  • After that, change the print settings in the Printer Options. The options include range, number of copies, Etc.
  • Now, click on “Print” at the top right corner. Finally, the printer will print your document according to the set printer settings.

Final Verdict

Canon printer allows printing and scanning your documents/photos wirelessly. You require a Canon printer app installed on your smart devices to perform wireless printing. Above are the steps to connect your phone to the Canon printer with the help of the Canon printer app.


Can you connect the Canon printer wirelessly?

Ans- Yes, you can connect your Canon printer wirelessly. You have to choose a wireless network to connect your smart devices. You also have to download the Canon printer app to perform wireless printing and scanning of documents/photos.

What is the Canon printer app?

Ans- The Canon printer app is a mobile application installed on your Apple or Android smart devices. It provides a mobile printing and scanning solution connecting it with a wireless network. You must download the app on your devices, connect it with the printer and start printing.

How can you connect the printer to a WiFi network?

Switch on your printer, the WiFi router, and your smart device. From the printer’s control panel, visit the wireless setup settings option. Select the SSID of your network and type the WiFi password. Now, a wireless light will be visible on the printer, indicating that the printer is successfully connected to WiFi.

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