According to research on the biggest names in printer manufacturing units around the globe, no wonder Canon topped the charts as Canon is one of the profound printer manufacturers that develop their original colorants in-house instead of selling commercially available dyes. Canon is not a new name in the world of high-tech quality printers. One such profound product launch by Canon was in the late 2000s of the Canon ts3500 printer.

The Canon ts3500 printer is also known as Canon PIXMA TS 3500 series printer, but for the convenience of reading, I will be using it as a Canon ts3500 printer only. In this blog, everything you need to know about the Canon ts3500 printer is well defined. In this article, all the key features of the Canon ts3500 printer have been highlighted, which you can learn well in order to make sure whether the printer meets all your expectations. You will learn everything about the Canon ts3500 printer and more, so keep reading.

What is the Canon ts3500 Printer?

Canon ts3500 printer, popularly known as Canon PIXMA TS 3500 Series printer, is an inkjet all-in-one printer. Inkjet printers are different from laser printers, and the major reason is the difference in their printing technology. Inkjet printers work by spraying inks directly on the surface of paper or material through minute holes in the ink nozzles that are present in the body of the printer.

Canon ts3500 printer is an all-in-one printer, meaning hereby that it can print, scan as well as copy all your documents and papers. If you buy just one Canon ts3500 printer, you won’t have to buy a separate scanner or copy machine as this printer will work for you in performing multiple functions.

Canon ts3500 printer comes with the latest and fast forward print technology enabling its users with the option of mobile printing. This printer can install in its paper tray up to 50 sheets of paper. The LCD display of the Canon ts3500 printer is 1.5 inches.  The print resolution of the Canon ts3500 printer is 4800×1200 dots per inch; hence the clarity of your printer document won’t be smudged or dainty.

As mentioned earlier, the Canon ts3500 printer allows mobile printing, so this printer is compatible with your smartphones as well. The output of the Canon ts3500 printer is colored, and it prints up to 7.7 ipm. The print media that you can use on your Canon ts3500 printer is paper, and that too is plain. The hardware interface of the Canon ts3500 printer is USB and HDMI. At the same time, other connections like Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct are also possible as well.

I saved the best feature of the Canon ts3500 printer for the last, which is the special benefit that you will get from this printer is an option of wireless connectivity. So, to connect your Canon ts3500 printer to a network, you will not need a hard wire or cable for connection.

Once you connect the Canon ts3500 printer to a WiFi network, smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets connected to that network can print to the Wi-Fi printer. So, at work or in-home, you can easily print any media from a distance through your Canon ts3500 printer, given it is connected to the WiFi network. This feature will save you an ample amount of time if you are physically not present near the printer but want something to be printed.

To access the Wi-Fi connection feature of the Canon ts3500 printer, all you need to do is follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1 – Before you start the wireless connection setup, you have to make sure that the printer is turned on. Suppose your printer is performing print head alignment, cleaning, or other functions, then you have to wait for the process to finish; only then can you start the wireless connection setup.
  • Step 2 – Now, set wireless router information to the printer directly from a device like a computer or a laptop without operating the wireless router.  Now you have to select the “Easy Wireless Connect” option, which may take some time. Internet connection during the Easy Wireless Connection setup method on your Canon ts3500 printer may also become temporarily unavailable. The “Easy Wireless Connect” is not available on Windows 10 in S mode and Chrome Operating System, so then to make the wireless connection on the Canon ts3500 printer, you will have to select other setups.

Is the Canon ts3500 printer worth all the hype?

After knowing all the features of the Canon ts3500 printer, you can make sure whether it matches your requirements or not. A common question people often keep wondering is that the Canon ts3500 printer worth all the hype that it has got after its launch in the market or not. A straightforward approach to this common dilemma is that, of course, it is worth all the hype it was given as it offers to print, copy and scan in just one printer model. Apart from the multifunctionality of this brilliant printer, it is also a great printer for the print resolution that it provides; all the users who have been using this printer for quite some time have claimed that the pictures they get from their printers are high-quality and clear.

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