Your Apple ID is the key to all Apple products such as iTunes and iCloud. Forgetting it, whether for personal use or business, is a major obstacle to productivity. In this article, we will show you several different ways to recover Apple ID and perform Apple password recovery. But the best solution to crack any kind of password is the Password Armor Tool. Password Armor is a secured password manager that is used for storing all the usernames and passwords for various platforms i.e. why it is considered the best Apple iCloud Password Recovery Software. Recover Apple ID password If you know your Apple ID but can’t remember your Apple ID password. You must be among those people who are searching for “How to recover Apple ID password?” whenever they forget their password. The Apple ID Account page has four options for regaining access to your account. Email Apple ID Password Recovery: Use this option to send recovery emails to your primary or secondary email address. To reset your password, you need to follow the instructions in it. Recover Apple ID Password with Security Questions: Another easy option to recover an Apple password or iTunes password is to answer security questions. If you haven’t been careful when choosing your security question, you should have no problem recovering your Apple ID using this method. Apple ID Recovery Using Two-Factor Authentication: To recover your Apple ID password using two-factor authentication, you need to go to and enter a trusted phone number. I have. Follow the onscreen instructions on your trusted device to change your password to a new one. Two-step verification using the Apple recovery key: If everything else fails, you can dig into your Apple recovery key to recover your Apple ID. Recover your Apple ID with Apple iCloud Password Recovery Software Most people use their email address as their Apple ID. In other words, to recover your Apple ID, just try all your email addresses. If none of them work, check your previously purchased iTunes to see which account it was created with. iTunes recovery mode As a user of Apple products, you may not be able to update or restore your iOS device. In this case, you can use iTunes recovery mode to restore the device to its original state. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. Open iTunes. Press and hold both the sleep button and the home button for 10 seconds. Turn on your computer, and make sure you restore the device. Wait for the restore process to complete. Beyond Apple ID and iTunes Password Recovery Of course, there are many other recovery scenarios. Some include personal documents, photos, and videos, others deal with Hotmail password recovery, Gmail password recovery, and more. In most cases, a powerful data recovery software like Password Armor is a true lifesaver. Do strong passwords make it more difficult to remember them? Will they be forgotten forever? Of course not! The power of the Password Armor keeps all your passwords securely in one place. The best password recovery software is available and you should not miss out on its benefits. To prevent intrusions, the Password Armor password generator is one of the iCloud ID Password Recovery Software that helps you create secure passwords. You have a 100% recovery rate for almost every other social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. This protects your privacy and ensures a safe online experience. A solution to all your security concerns, Password Armor is a vault with the sole purpose of storing and protecting your data from all types of identity theft. Password Armor is a product of and is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows. The company believes in developing high-quality, user-friendly software that is always up to date with the latest cybersecurity threats and offers innovative solutions to its customers. The user interface is very user-friendly, so anyone can use it to protect their virtual identity. Ultimately proving itself the Best Apple ID password recovery tool. Check Out – Best Apple iCloud Password Recovery Tool Apk