Have you heard of the Solana blockchain that has recently managed to acquire a lot of appreciation for offering the world exclusive SOL tokens? The network is known to be fast and dripping of efficiency that lets users pay for transactions in SOL (the in-house crypto variant).

It is significant that Solana, in a very short span, managed to grow its user base and is known amongst the largest cryptocurrencies in the world for offering SOL and its benefits. Now, you see all the perks also added up to its financial worth and that required some security from the cyber threats.

Therefore, we bring to you the Phantom Wallet that has been designed to transact in SOL along with storing compatible currencies and protecting them. We would like you to keep reading so that you can learn the steps of becoming a Phantom member and stake your SOL tokens.

How can you access the wallet service and benefit from it?

The first thing you’d need to know is the fact that Phantom Wallet is an extension service, designed to operate on web browsers and stays on there. Also, according to the developers of the wallet, it was tested and has been proven to be compatible with Brave, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox web browsers. But as you all know, Chrome has the highest number of people using it, we thought, you might like to know the installation steps for the same:

  1. Launch your pre-installed Chrome browser and head to the official website.
  2. On getting there, the Phantom website offers a “Download” button, choose it.
  3. Go on to hit “Add to Browser” and wrap up by following the displayed prompts.

Register for an exclusive Phantom Wallet account with us!

In this section, we have attempted to walk you through the facile procedure to sign up for an account on the wallet extension, and we think it is the easiest way to begin your journey with the Phantom APP extension:

  1. Launch the wallet extension that you just installed.
  2. “Create New Wallet”> Save the Secret Recovery Mnemonic.
  3. Setup an account password> get a shortcut for your Keyboard.
  4. Maintain pace with the prompts> finish up with the sign-up.

Begin your Phantom journey by staking your SOL tokens

Here, we have laid down the steps that you would have to undergo, serially, to make and close a staking transaction as soon as you’ve purchased your SOL tokens to benefit from the Phantom Wallet:

  1. Open the extension> provide the set credentials, when asked.
  2. Head to the Solana balance section> “Start Earning SOL”.
  3. Submit an amount to stake> settle for a suited validator.
  4. Review selections> confirm submitted data> “Stake”.


Well, it is safe to say that the crypto evolution was a huge success and it provides exclusive services that are designed to make our lives even more efficient. However, with crypto benefits, cyber threats seemed to rise and the concern of crypto safety was answered by highly-equipped wallet services.

Talking of the Solana blockchain network and the SOL tokens that it offers to users, we could only think of the Phantom Wallet. And thus, we laid down the steps to get the wallet extension, create an account on the wallet platform, and finally, the steps to stake SOL and yield associated benefits.