RisamPure™ is an Indian health care and wellness solution provider with a strong mission to build a healthy nation using cutting-edge technology. The wellness business is owned by former promoters of Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd. (BSVL), a part of the reputed group that has over four decades of experience in manufacturing healthcare products. RisamPure™’s deep insight is to help people live a healthy and happy life, and the company was founded in October 2021 to proactively protect human health. The journey of this wellness organization is inspiring, and what is more interesting is the company logo representing a leaf, symbolic of purity.

The origins of RisamPure™

This establishment’s main ideology is to remain committed and follow ethical business practises while providing customer delight with quality services. Bharat V. Daftary, the former chairman of BSVL, is one of the promoters of RisamPure™, and he has played a key role in making it a top 10 bio-pharmaceutical company in India. ‘Bringing life to life,’ is his wonderful vision, and with this ideology the company crafts its products with cutting-edge technology and features.

The BSVL group is known for delivering complete molecular diagnostics services built on a broad portfolio of automated IT connectivity, superior analysis, clinically actionable reports, and a LIMS interface. Their group missions include collaborating with partners to address and fulfill clinical needs in diagnostics and life sciences. Continuous learning, inspirational leadership, and well-being are key drivers that push this organization toward growth and health-oriented solutions.

AtmoPure: Pure promise for fresh breathing

RisamPure™ envisions a happier and better future in India by tirelessly working towards creating great trust and a safe environment with health care objectives. This endeavor is shaped further by the launch of an innovative AtmoPure range of air purifiers with ‘3D Attack’ technology and 5-stage purification. The products are available in two variants—the Medical Grade HEPA 14 range and the Advanced-Grade HEPA 13 range.

The revolutionary ‘3D Attack’ technology is a boon for indoor spaces, especially for homes and offices where one spends the maximum amount of time. The 3 powerful technologies, medical-grade HEPA 14 and Advanced Grade HEPA 13 with UV-C and an Ionizer are indeed a unique combination for ensuring freedom from airborne threats and keeping human life safe from dangerous allergens, and harmful bacteria, and hazardous viruses.

Why get concerned about healthy breathing?

Dust, fungi, hair, mildew, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander are ignored most of the time in our indoor surroundings, and it is the main reason for causing major infections and irritations. The sense organs like eyes, nose, and ears are most affected by these pollutants. This also affects respiratory health on a large scale. Inhaling pungent gasses, fumes and VOCs in the environment also plays a pivotal role in impacting health adversely. AtmoPure, the ideal air purifiers successfully trap all unwanted airborne threats, including particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The rising air pollution levels seen globally are an alarm that there is a serious need for air purifiers to protect indoor spaces. AtmoPure air purifiers ensure that you have the purest air in every corner of your home, office, or any indoor space where you spend the majority of your time.
The company further plans to conduct extensive research to launch more solutions in the air purification range with one strategy of purity while targeting B2B and other segments.

A happy breath is equivalent to a long yet safe life span. It is high time to take a life-saving decision by choosing the best air purifier to breathe healthy in the long run. AtmoPure makes sure that you breathe clean. Every breath you take, it is healthy, pure, and refreshing.