Advanced Features of the Grocery Delivery App:

After you’ve learned about the most important aspects of a Grocery Shopping mobile app, you must learn about additional features and functions that can be included in the app for grocery delivery app development. This ensures that your app remains ahead of the pack.

Push Notifications:-

This function is quite effective in boosting the engagement of users with the app, which can greatly aid in retaining and acquiring new users. It is crucial to the success of an app that users are constantly engaged with it, however, this should be conducted so that users don’t feel upset or annoyed.

Push notifications are fantastic to be used to notify consumers about new offers as well as discounts on grocery items. In addition, notifications can be sent to consumers about their latest purchases in order to ensure that they’re informed about the happenings.

GPS Tracking:-

To develop a grocery delivery mobile application, GPS (Global Positioning System) functions are vital and are beneficial for drivers in finding routes. In addition, it assists in bringing up-to-date information to customers, in regards to orders and delivery.

Behaviour Tracking:-

This feature is of great assistance as it efficiently monitors users’ behaviour on the app and suggests products to them when they return to the app for the next time. This is efficient and makes the whole process of shopping for groceries efficient.

Real-time Analytics:-

This feature is vital to be updated with everything happening in the app via graphs and figures. It is, therefore, easier to make plans for the future and develop strategies and suggestions to entice customers.

Loyalty Programs:-

To keep users glued to your app, it’s vital to offer loyalty programs regularly for your most loyal app users, for example, you could offer them discounts on holidays or even gifts when they have reached a certain limit.

Marketing Tools:-

The goal of this feature is to help promote your mobile application version to your targeted customers, by offering specials for new users as well as by running advertisements in-app.

Shoppers Tracking:-

To make this feature work it is also necessary to incorporate GPS capability, which has been mentioned previously. This Shoppers Tracking feature is helpful in locating users every time they are in close proximity to your grocery shop. You can then provide them with promotional offers and discounts, encouraging customers to come at your local grocery shop to avail the discounts.

In-App Calling:-

This feature is helpful for calling in-app store owners or delivery persons. it also permits the delivery driver to call the store owner and customer to contact the user as well as to call the person who delivers.

In-App Chatting:-

In-app chat allows users to communicate with the person who is delivering and store owners should the customer need to provide any specifics.

Rate & Review:-

This feature allows the user to rate and rate the app. The app users are able to evaluate the effectiveness of the app as well as an online grocery store using reviews and ratings posted by other customers. The app allows users to give ratings to the driver.


Incorporating this feature in your application, you’ll let your customers instantly make a new order for the items they bought in the past. This will save time and effort and will make the entire process much more efficient.

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