It's virtually impossible to play any mode of an upcoming NBA 2K game without running into microtransactions NBA 2K22 MT. 2K22 is no exception. However the franchise has mastered such a good job that it's now almost the background music for players who are consistent as evidence that 2K has just trained people to be used to the unexpected.

Apart from the naive microtransactions and bloated hubs, the only fundamental low points are lackluster developments regarding MyLeague, MyGM, and The W. Each of these modes still plays very well, however it's evident they're not an area of focus. 2K22 doesn't offer much over the last year's game to players who are a fan of these modes, apart from better gameplay should they play.

Even with its flaws, NBA 2K22 still lands as an outstanding game due to its on-court gameplay, not to mention its graphics. The game is smoother, more intuitive, and truly shines thanks to the haptic feedback on PS5 which makes every move feel enthralling. There's a lot to get rid of but this NBA 2K ship is heading fully-steam in the right direction thanks to the release of NBA 2K22.

The players can play NBA 2K22, part of the MyPlayer feature, with the Face Scan option and take their avatar to NBA. Players can add their own image to NBA 2K22, an option that is part of the MyPlayer feature Buy NBA 2K Coins. It is done using the Face Scanner.