Not every bride wants a shiny and flashy sparkler on her finger, some are looking for diamond rings in Granger that are low-key, unique, and old-world, much like a raw diamond ring.


Raw diamonds are ideal for the brides that want something unique and stunning, this gemstone is hand-cut and handcrafted and this allows the light to bounce off its surface at different angles, offering you a beautiful shimmer.


Since these diamonds are raw and not polished, your jeweler will need to pair the setting to match the gemstone and not the other way around.


Reasons to choose raw diamonds

Your raw diamonds in Granger feature different shades like browns, pinks, yellows, and even gray which offers you a range of choices. This allows you to pick the gemstone that resonates the most with your personality and style preferences.


Since these diamonds aren’t polished you won’t get the same shine and brilliance you would get from a polished diamond and so most brides opt for a raw diamond center stone set with smaller polished side diamonds for an added shine and sparkle.


You can even set your raw diamond with a halo of rubies or sapphires for an added pop of color. Solitaire and prong settings are perfectly suited to your raw diamond wedding rings in Granger as they are simple and allow the beauty of your center stone to stand out.


While a lot of effort goes into crafting these raw diamonds, they are quite affordable as compared to polished diamonds, and being rare and unique, you can be sure that your ring will stand out from the rest.


Some raw diamonds also look stunning in old-world and vintage settings with intricate designs and ornate details and this makes them the perfect heirloom piece that you can pass down to your future generations. Just take your gemstone to a professional jeweler from time to time to clean, repair and maintain it so that it looks stunning for years to come.


Final Word

Raw diamonds are still diamonds and are highly durable and resilient making them perfect for daily wear. Always ensure that you purchase your diamond from a certified and authentic jewelry store that can show you a range of beautiful pieces at an affordable cost.


Most raw diamonds are eco-friendly and ethical so be sure to check with your jeweler if the piece they are selling is eco-conscious before you go ahead and invest in it.