Tips to Prevent Katil Double Decker Accidents

If you're considering getting your kids bunk beds, have these safety precautions in mind:

Make sure there are guardrails on the top bunk. There should be just one entrance and exit that is no wider than 15 inches.


-Make sure the rails are strong and rise at least 5 inches beyond the mattress' top surface.

-Verify the strength of the mattress base and the use of the appropriate mattress size.

-DIY bunk bed kits should be avoided since they might not follow the most recent safety regulations. Older bunk beds bought from eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or thrift shops could also not meet these requirements.

-Visit recalls.

-Check the government website to determine if the bunk bed you're thinking about is recalled. Register to get notifications about upcoming recalls.


Consider these things before determining where to put a Katil Double Decker:


-Never put a bunk bed close to or underneath a ceiling fan or light fixture.

-Avoid positioning the bunk bed next to a window.

-Make sure your child has enough space to sit up without hitting their heads on the ceiling.

-To ensure that kids can see the ladder if they get up at night, think about using a night light.


Children might suffer injuries from bunk beds due to falls, jumps, ladders, broken beds, and striking the bed. Make sure your kids are aware of and abide by all bunk bed safety guidelines to prevent injuries:


-There should be no horseplay on or under beds, and only one person at a time should be allowed on the top bunk.


-Under no circumstances should a room with bunk beds be left unsupervised or used by children or toddlers under the age of six.


-Never hang anything from jump ropes to belts on the bunk bed because they can strangle a child.


-Always enter and exit the upper bunk using a sturdy ladder. Never play on the ladder, and keep it clear of junk like toys and clothing.


-Make sure there are no unsafe items around the bed.


-Even if a buddy has stayed the night at your house before, make sure to review the bunk bed safety regulations with them everytime they have a sleepover for your son or daughter.


Speak with a Top Child Injury Attorney

Even when parents and caregivers take all reasonable precautions, a bunk bed that is poorly designed or defectively made can still result in severe and sometimes fatal injuries. 



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