While some brides love white diamond rings, if you’re the type of bride that’s looking for something durable, vibrant, and rare then yellow diamonds in Columbus are the ideal choice for you.


Yellow diamonds come in a range of shades from light, fancy, dark, intense, and vivid, the deeper and more vibrant the shade the pricier the gemstone.


Reasons to invest in yellow diamonds

Your yellow diamond engagement rings in Columbus are highly versatile and can pair with any metal like rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum as well as a range of shapes, settings, and other gemstones making it a truly unique piece that stands out among the rest.


Just keep in mind that being rare, only a handful of jewelry stores sell yellow diamonds and you will need to look for a reliable and trusted store that can offer you a range of beautiful pieces that are high in clarity, and quality and have a beautiful intense shade and finish.


Most brides opt for a radiant or cushion cut when it comes to these diamonds as it balances out the facets and shade and offers you a high fire and brilliant shine as well as makes your center stone pop.


When it comes to yellow diamond wedding rings in Columbus, remember that the shade of the metal can affect the gemstone. Warmer metals like yellow gold and rose gold will intensify the yellow tones of your diamond while cooler metals like platinum and silver will bring out the pale-yellow tones.


However, cooler metals can offer a beautiful contrast for your gemstone and allow it to stand out from its setting. Some brides will even set their yellow diamond center stone with a halo of white diamonds or smaller side diamonds for an added sparkle and shine.


Final Thoughts

Caring for your yellow diamond is a breeze, these gemstones are tough and resilient making them ideal to wear daily. You can simply take your diamond ring to a professional jeweler a couple of times a year to clean, repair, and maintain it so that it looks new and shiny for years to come.


It’s also a good idea to not expose your ring to any household cleaning products, or abrasives and store it safely away when cleaning, cooking, gardening, swimming, showering, or heading out for any adventures. This helps to keep it safe and protected.