Widespread in new outbreak of that time, both adults and inflatable floating water park children must have been at home stuffy is broken! Have some fun, go to a presumptuous amusement places has become a dream. Surely such as spring flowers, after the outbreak, amusement places will recover, usher in a slice of life!
As an inflatable castle operators in the operation process, don't to sterilize it to ignore! Do a good job cleaning disinfection, let parents understand, children play safe, it is not only to the operator's business has a certain role in promoting, as well as consumers and operators a win-win thing?
So how to inflatable castle disinfected? Disinfection method is what?
1. The method is simple, usable soap water, disinfection, diluted, laundry detergent to wash of the castle, should use water to wash after remove the stain, then dry it.
2. The use of 84 disinfectant disinfection of inflatable Inflatable indoor park castle. 84 is effective disinfection sterilization disinfectant supplies, for the most part can kill bacteria and viruses. Can be carried out in accordance with the collar against the water dilution, spray evenly, wipe the inflatable castles and other amusement equipment and ground disinfected. Spray on the inflatable castle, even if brush after some residual, reasonable concentration of disinfectant does not have a harm to human body.
3. Chemical disinfection. With 0.1%, or 0.2 solution for spraying disinfection of peracetic acid or ethanol disinfection, using 75% of ethanol can kill bacteria.
4. You can prepare some disposable type detergent, let the Inflatable outdoor park disinfection, before the children playing up to play.
The event has brought a lot of industries are fluctuations, a period of time can't normal for some operators in financial difficulties, has been unable to continue for the rest of the business activities, and in previous years, practitioners will be fewer and fewer competitors, to the water park operator is also beneficial.
In previous years, this time it is moving more than water inflatable amusement park paradise factory orders to need to row of single, single can only choose some operators because can't wait to row with the design of the spot, or for other manufacturers, anyhow because single problem need to make concessions, not his favorite at the beginning. And this kind of situation will ease this year, some operators to exit the market, some are on the sidelines, more than ever, the list and then to the manufacturer of choose and buy, don't need to row of single problem to make concessions and trade-offs.