As is known to all, generally by the motor and gear Brushless Gear Motor reduction motor reducer (reducer) in two parts, in use can result in a failure gear reduction motor ring. Sound may be reducer sound, sound, it is possible that the motor itself if it is reducer in sound is mainly caused by the following reasons:
1, reducer friction wear;
2, reducer shaft or bearing damaged or worn gear;
3 low speed reducer, lubricating oil overheating, the situation is likely to be causing factors of speed reducer to produce sound.
Reducer sound processing method: check reducer gear oil oil and oil level, if the position of gear oil cooler conditions below the inspection port, should cheer reducer; If iron is contained in gear oil, it should be open check abrasion of gear reducer, and cleaning, change gear oil; Check the input shaft and bearing. With high speed to jilt soil reducer consider friction plate, if friction loss or butterfly spring force is insufficient will cause different ring. Timely replacement maintenance cleaning is very important
In the course of everyday use also should pay attention to 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm the following reduction gear reduction motor sound.
1, the use of supply voltage changes more than 10% likely to burn out motor, with output torque reduce or abnormal;
2, motor overload operation may burn out from time to tome, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox please first test at run time whether electric current within the rated current value;
3, even in the normal operation of the motor, the surface temperature is sometimes more than 70 degrees. If you have close to the motor may, please make "high note" icon and tips on motor conspicuous place;
4, please choose standard geared motor, such as special reasons Parallel Shaft Gearbox to choose light type torque motor gear reducer, the load must be lower than the normal load. Special custom, must do its feasibility and the gear reduction motor manufacturer.
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