Geared motor in the process of using, part of the electrical energy 12v High Torque Motor into heat energy, this part of the process of energy conversion as the temperature rises, referred to as the temperature rise. Temperature refers to the motor temperature minus the ambient temperature, temperature is an important index in the design and operation, marked the fever of the equipment, in operation, the temperature rise increases suddenly, defective, or duct obstruction or load is too heavy. Geared motor running temperature can affect the length of its service life, therefore is very important, and you want to prolong the service life of equipment must understand the factors that affect the temperature. Limit working temperature of the insulating material is within the design life expectancy, geared motor running when the temperature of the winding insulation is one of the most hot spots. If the operating temperature more than material limit working temperature for a long time, the aging of the insulation, shorten service life.
Below to introduce geared motor working temperature to judge whether the normal small common sense:
1, the standard approach is to use infrared thermometer to measure Planetary Gear Motor the gear reduction motor temperature is within the normal range values. Temperature rise not to exceed 80 degrees normally belongs to the normal temperature, the motor can continue to work, when the temperature rise of more than 80 suggest that power immediately stop stay temperature back to normal within may continue to work, or compulsory cooling method for motor cooling.
2, the second method is to judge by the method of touch temperature rise is normal, when touch hands can stay more than 3 seconds on the gear reduction motor, the motor temperature rise is normal, when the hand touch will leave immediately, or curled up with vinyl resin belt on motor temperature rise too high, at this point, immediately without electricity outage for temperature back to normal within may continue to work, or compulsory cooling method for motor cooling.
3 on the gear reduction motor nameplate, label current 24v Gear Motor (AMP) as the motor when the maximum load current, the motor is forbidden to use more than the current, overload is one of the most common cause of the damage of the motor temperature rise is too large, so as to prevent the gear reduction motor burn caused by high temperature machine, in machine of decelerate of choice, the appropriate model can effectively prevent the happening of this kind of situation. When the motor operating, if there are close to the motor, please stick in the motor make "high note" icon and prominent place.