Many gear motor users when browsing information, know to have a single 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox stage and double gear motor speed ratio, now, small make up is to introduce a order reduction motor gear motor and double speed ratio difference:
Single stage spur gear reduction motor: mainly by the main, driven deflection gear, bearing, collar, end cover, main and deputy shell flange, spline shaft, spline, gland, bearing components, its characteristic is actively modified gear is terraced, gear and driven gear deflection connection at one end, and the other end of the department and the bearing, collar fixed connection, the coat of the self-contained bearing, bearing seat and fixed shell exterior connection. The gear reducer is given priority to, from the gear shift gears, bearings, take the initiative to shift gear at the other end of the areas with bearing, changes the previous cantilever condition, strengthen the work strength of the gear, improve the service life of gear motor.
Single stage double speed ratio of the gear motor, the utility model High Torque 12v Dc Motor supply in a single stage reducer on two kinds of speed ratio, driving organization under the condition of such power, completed two output speed single stage double speed ratio gear reduction motor. Is characterized by the reducer on the output shaft and input shaft, install two to have been, with different ratio of gear meshing, during which gear to the input shaft connection rigidity, big gear is used rolling bearing on the output shaft, jaw clutch and shifting rocker are using spline links up with the output shaft.
In recent years, with all kinds of energy scarcity, companies seeking other methods of production gradually, gear motor industry has been specializing in the production mode of construction energy conservation and emissions reduction, gradually became a relatively mature system of enterprise at present. Large-scale reduction motor equipment due to the material cost is more, so the gear motor manufacturing enterprises to the development trend Vending Machine Motor of internationalization of equipment, the development of simplified gear motor, lightweight, environmentally friendly products, gear motor in order to develop the market, increase the market competitiveness of the brand.
Reducer sound processing method: check reducer gear oil oil and oil level, if the position of gear oil cooler conditions below the inspection port, should cheer reducer; If iron is contained in gear oil, it should be open check abrasion of gear reducer, and cleaning, change gear oil; Check the input shaft and bearing. With high speed to jilt soil reducer consider friction plate, if friction loss or butterfly spring force is insufficient will cause different ring. Timely replacement maintenance cleaning is very important