Normally, the gear reduction motor gear clearance is too large to limit cycle Micro Gear Motor oscillation phenomenon such as low speed not smooth commutation jump, don't impact resistance, parking instant easy collapse teeth; Clearance below the gear speed reducer is easy to heat, the damage quickly, affect the service life of the gear reduction motor.
In addition to the above three kinds of precision standard, the standard also stipulates the standards for the clearance of gear transmission. Lateral clearance of norms of meshing tooth tooth surface to set aside a certain gap in not working. Its purpose is to prevent tooth on stress deformation and fever after inflation gets stuck, but also to the tooth surface form oil film. But the gap is too large, the impact and noise, so shall be determined according to the specific situation. Lateral clearance specification defines four combinations (as shown), and not decide the level of precision gear.
Geared motor also name is geared motor, motor and reducer parts Low Rpm Electric Motor one-piece structure. In the working environment, caused by electrical energy into mechanical energy at the same time, there is also a part of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy, cause geared motor heating, the industry is called the rise of temperature of the motor. Under normal circumstances, the motor temperature rise for about 60 degrees, more than 80 degrees to abnormal heat. The cause of abnormal fever mainly has the following several aspects:
Work first, geared electric captain time duration, and the motor is overload. Therefore, if the motor needs to be long time continuity, avoid motor abnormal fever will have to choose enough power of motor, prevent motor overload.
Second, there are foreign bodies stuck geared motor rotating parts.
Third, there are too much dust into the internal gear reduction Gear Reduction Motor motor, coil insulation performance, increase heating of the motor.
For these reasons, daily use geared motor, to strengthen the maintenance of motor, equipped with the protection of the whole machine equipment, working in the gear reduction motor need to bare environment situation, need to add netting to prevent foreign matter into the internal gear reduction motor.