There is a story goes like this: a farmer, he want to put the cow micro gear motor in the bullpen with son. But the cattle class, not into the tent. Thrust, father and son two people take me to the best of all one's skill, the cow is not move. At that moment, the farmer's wife pulled out a handful of grass from the river bank, while feed cows led the cow walking in the bullpen, the cows into the bullpen smoothly soon. More than the farmer and his son was surprised to the farmer the thumbs-up sign.
There are two key words in the story, is a "feed", one is the "guide". Treat customers, understand customer's psychological ponder geared motor, don't say nonsense, said only that customers care about, to the interests of customers, so customers are interested in communicating with you. Shanghai treasure is a has a gear reduction motor 20 years research and development production experience manufacturers, high quality service, everything for customers, a customer in your heart. Only when the gear reduction motor users friends, creating higher value for them, they might be willing to buy your things.
Geared motor made up by different sizes of gear reducer, achieve Small Geared Motors the effect of the deceleration from. Which is especially important for the requirement of the gear, there is always in the gear machining error, and the gear accuracy directly affect the gear reduction motor transmission precision, service life, and the size of the noise, therefore, when the design must be properly selected gear precision level.
Gear accuracy of each level includes three specifications: precision gear motor; Gear working stability precision and accuracy of tooth contact. Motion accuracy specification decided to all his gear in a turn corner error values, to ensure the constant transmission ratio. Gear work stationarity specifications decided to all his gear in a turn corner error repeatedly in numerical value, to ensure smooth transmission, reduce the vibration and noise. Tooth contact accuracy specification determines the proportion of the gear meshing tooth contact pattern in size, to ensure the tooth surface uniform load distribution.
Due to the use of gear condition is different, so the accuracy Small Dc Gear Motor requirement of the of the above three kinds of different also. Instrument readings, for instance, dividing the movement precision of the gear of gear and machine tool demand is higher; High-speed operation of the power transmission gear (most of the drive gear) to work stability requirement is higher; Gears of tooth contact accuracy is higher. Standard stipulated in the three kinds of specifications can be mutual combination, combined, work stability precision level precision motion can be higher or lower than level, but not higher than 2nd level and lower level; Tooth contact shall not be lower than the gear precision work stability precision grade.