What are some of the terminology geared motor? Purchasing gear reduction motor personnel and engineering personnel with the sales staff in the communication of the gear reduction motor will inevitably encounter some some terms about the product, familiar with these terms besides can reflect your professional, more can improve efficiency and reduce the probability of wrong gear reduction motor model.
Reduction ratio, also called speed ratio, speed reducer is a very important parameter, the calculation method is: speed reduction ratio = input/output speed. Standard reducer is 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:10, 1:15, 1:20, 1:25:1:30, rising, which... So on down, some companies will also according to customer requirements to adjust speed reducer.
P: many engineers will say a few P P reducer, actually this is the power, 1/8 P is 100 w, 1 P is 750 w, 2 P is 1500 w... And so on.
Rated torque: is rated life allowed long time operation of small geared motors torque. When the output speed of 100 r/min, the life of the reducer for the average life expectancy, the life expectancy exceeds the value of the reducer will be reduced. When more than twice the output torque reducer.
Noise value: unit for dB dB (A), in general, the noise of the gear reduction motor around 70 dB (A) conform to the requirements of the daily industrial machinery, which meet the national standard.
Fixed return difference: the input, the output end clockwise and counter-clockwise, when the output of plus or minus 2% under rated torque, speed reducer output comprised a small angular displacement, the angular displacement is the return gap, also known as the "gap". 1/60 of the unit is "points", that is, once.
Box no. : also called the output shaft size box, box of brushless gear motor geared motor, points gb box, and the box number two. In actual case, due to the limited installation space, or to reduce cost is likely to use to shrink box geared motor. But shrink box geared motor is relatively standard gear reduction motor universal existence insufficiency of torsion, so if the possibility is not recommended. The specific technical personnel consult treasure geared motor.