Lazy Cocktails & Co. brings to you bar quality cocktail mixers at comfort of your home. Made with high quality real fruit juice with no artificial flavours.
You can 
have them neat (as mocktails) or you can choose to spike them with a spirit. So, just Pick – Pour – (& Spike) Drink!


We are not Lazy, We just like it Eazy!!


1 bottle makes 2 cocktails. Simply mix 30-60 ml of your favourite spirit with half a bottle of Lazy Cocktails and Ice.

LazyCocktails is an app that provides recipes, ingredients, and technique to create real fruit juice Mocktails.

LazyCocktails is a beverage culture platform that 
provides recipes, ingredients, and tips on how to make cocktail beverages with fresh fruits and vegetables. The app has not been available for long, but it has seen 
significant success in terms of downloads and user engagement.


The LazyCocktails app primarily focuses on providing users with refreshing Mocktail recipes made from real fruits and vegetables. All the content presented by the 
LazyCocktail team are original photos showcasing their unique cocktails including red orangeberry juice or strawberry lime lemonade.

All these new drinks are not alcohol-based or have any added sugars or sweeteners. They only have 100% natural juices like lime juice.

Lazy Cocktails & Co. brings to you classic cocktail premixes so that you can unleash your bartending skills without complicated process of creating a concoctions and 
leave your guests in awe. To deliver the taste and quality of bar like cocktails these premixes have been made with high quality real fruit juice. These are free from 
any artificial flavours, colours or sweetness. You can have them neat (as mocktails) or you can choose to spike them with a spirit. We believe that enjoying a party is 
more important that preparing for a party.

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