Canon offers several apps for easy, quick, and customized printing with the help of the Canon Print app. You can create professional prints via your smart devices using Canon Print apps. It also allows choosing to edit and customize the photos to make your image look creative. You can use the Canon Print apps with wireless printers like PIXMA, Zoemini, Maxify, etc. These free-to-download apps offer a perfect, comfortable printing solution to re-style your picture. These Canon Print apps are also accessible in Windows and MAC operating systems. Here, you will find some helpful Canon Print apps to make your printing effective and innovative.

Canon Print Inkjet/SELPHY

Canon Print app to provide smooth printing, copying, and scanning from your phones. It connects the Maxify, Pixma, as well as Selphy printers via WiFi or the WiFi-Direct to perform printing tasks from home or the office. You can combine multiple Canon printers and smart devices with this Canon Print app. It also enables the printer’s status and ink level to be checked remotely. This Canon Print app allows streamlined scanning and sends it to your email account. You can even upload the scanned documents to the cloud using PIXMA Cloud Link. Print from Dropbox, One Drive, and Google Drive, or print images from social media like Facebook using this Canon Print app.

Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app

Canon Print app for printers like PIXMA and MAXIFY. A free tool to make your simple photos exciting. This Canon Print app allows choosing and editing photos directly from Facebook, Instagram, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. You can also choose from your phone to edit and print the images. You can use features like crop, add text, change the background, add a speech bubble, etc. to make the photo look creative, attractive, and stylish. This Canon Print app offers many in-built templates as well as free layouts to create posters, calendars, business cards, etc. It also helps businesses design and customize business cards, ID cards, etc.

Canon Mini Print app

Make your Canon Zoemini and Canon Zoemini S2 printer’s photo look creative with the Canon Mini Print App. Download the Canon Print app and print from your Google Photo, iCloud, Dropbox, or other social media accounts. Connect the printer with the Canon Mini Print app installed on your Android or iOS devices. The Zink technology of the printer generates photos resistant to tear and is water-proof and smudge-proof. This Canon Print app also provides many creative tools like frames, doodles, etc. for a perfect picture. With Canon Zoemini S2, you can set the timer to capture the individual or the group photos. Using this Canon Print app, you can even share pictures or printouts with others.

SELPHY Photo Layout app

A popular Canon Print app chooses a layout to print multiple photos on a single page. Select to create collages and print photos with shuffle layout, sticker layout, or the combined photos. Using this Canon Print app, you can also shuffle the image and choose the best one to print. The sticker Layout is best to print on SELPHY sticker paper KC-18IL and KC-18IS. The Combination Layout creates the collages of photos of assorted sizes. Similarly, the Shuffle Layout creates collages of 2, 4, or 8 pictures. This Canon Print app works with SELPHY SQUARE QX10 and SELPHY CP1300 printers to print directly from Android or Apple smart devices.

Creative Park App

Print colorful paper to create crafts and models for a paper fun with Canon Print apps. Explore more designs to create foldable paper models making your day creative. You can also edit, personalize, and add text and photos to make the papercraft more innovative and attractive. Decor your house with the Canon Creative Park app, to style your interior for a party. Get the Creative Park App to your phone and connect the compatible printer. Ensure that you create the Canon ID to use this Canon Print app.

Final Verdict

Here, you have learned some Canon Print apps for wireless printing and scanning through this article. Connect your printer with your smart devices like mobile to make the printing solution handy. Use WiFi, Bluetooth, WiFi-Direct, or the built-in access point to use the Canon Print apps. Download as well as install the Canon Print app today to make the most out of your printer.


Q1- Can you download the Canon Mini Print app for free?

Ans- The Canon Mini Print app is free for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store. You can free download the app on any Android and Apple smart devices and use it. Ensure you get the software in iOS 9.0 or higher version or the Android 4.4 or higher.

Q2- Which is the most useful Canon Print app?

Ans- Canon provides many apps like Canon Print Inkjet/SELPHY, Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app, Canon Mini Print app, SELPHY Photo Layout app, and Creative Park App. All these are safe to use and easily available. All these Canon Print apps are helpful; you download anyone according to your requirement.

Q3- What is the purpose of the Canon Creative Park app? Ans-This app helps bring out the creativity in your and your child. It offers to print many designed to make collages, scrapbooks, calendars, greeting cards, Etc. You can create many hand-made crafts with foldable paper designs.

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