Sometimes a technology appears that can affect the whole world with its functions , innovations and efficiency. We are witnesses of a constantly changing world which is now mainly ruled by Social Media. The social platform Instagram is a true example of technology more precisely an application that was created in 2010 and after its development, it invaded the whole world. Instagram is a social network that is very useful, you can create relationships there , share your lifestyle with your friends and followers, and of course the application provides many opportunities to business owners to promote their business.

If you use Instagram you may have noticed that some of the accounts there have a blue tick next to their username. This means that their account has been officially verified by Instagram. For example many celebrities have their own Instagram account, however there are thousands of fake accounts,made by random people that are pretending to be Kim Kardashian for example. This is the reason why most famous people require the blue tick from Instagram. If you see brands , business accounts or people with blue ticks next to their username , this means that they are authentic. Fake accounts can seriously affect and harm the reputation of the person or the brand that they pretend to be,even more, people ruling fake accounts started to get real Instagram likes by the usage of suppliers that provide such services ,in order to make their account look more organic and authentic.That is why the blue verification tick was created by Instagram, to show the audience that the person behind the account can be trusted.

These days everyone , no matter famous or not, wants to get the blue tick, because it shows that the person is “somebody” and their account becomes more reachable and interesting for the audience. Everyone has the opportunity to apply for the verification tick, but there is no guarantee that Instagram will approve the request.The platform has its own conditions of approval , however they are changing them frequently.

To get verification on Instagram you should fill out an application to request the blue tick , no matter if your account is personal , business or any type of account.You can find the form application for verification in your Instagram account setting and you can apply for free.When it comes to the conditions for applying many people think that you should have 1 million followers for example ,but it is not true, there is not an exact number of followers that person should have. However, if someone has only 100 followers,their application form will not get approved for sure.

Applying for a verification blue tick can bring great benefits for a person’s account. First of all their Instagram page would look way more trustworthy, that would bring many new followers ,which is a great thing if they are using Instagram for marketing goals.For instance if you are a business owner , the blue tick can bring many new potential customers to your Instagram page and this people will definitely trust you or your brand ,because it is trusted by Instagram.

It is not a surprise that more and more people are trying to verify their account on Instagram and in this article we took a look at what exactly is the main purpose of the blue tick.There are around 1 billion active users daily and if your Instagram page has been verified this means that these people are way more likely to check and follow you instead of any other person without the blue tick.