Search engine optimization has several facets that we all must grasp and understand. For one, it is fast-paced and ever-changing. As such, techniques and strategies need to get updated regularly. Otherwise, all efforts may go futile and useless.


In this article, we uncover the fundamental foundation of SEO. This way, we understand how it works. Furthermore, knowing its concepts lead us to see its immense value to our businesses. Even better, all important points get presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Let's begin!


The Benefits of SEO 

It's always good to start with how businesses can benefit from this undertaking. Often, some entrepreneurs set aside SEO efforts thinking that it's an added cost. Here, it is best to change such a mindset. Think of it as a viable and worthwhile investment. Though results won't show overnight, it's worth considering for the long term.


More organic searches 

If you end up on the first page of search engines, potential customers only have a few options to check. Luckily, you are one of them. People browsing the net visit the second page on rare occasions. For the most part, they only scroll down the front page of their search. With SEO strategies, being on the first page gives you more chances of targeting the right leads. Nothing can be more organic than that.


Better audience perception 

If you land on the first page, people's trust gets higher. Many people are now aware that it's not easy to be there. Finding you in the top spot of their search solidifies your business' legitimacy. It means more potential clients are going to inquire. 

Lead generation and acquisition become improved over time. Your business' impression has to remain consistent. That's why it is advisable to partner with SEO experts to keep your ranking consistent all the time. They know how to keep you up there as more leads look at the business as one that's trustworthy enough.


Improves brand/business awareness 

People will not know about your brand upfront, especially if the business is starting. But, the more it appears on searches, the more people become aware of it. The website becomes a vehicle to drive more visitors to your site. Their curiosity then becomes a good start. As long as they get drawn in by whatever content you have, conversion becomes more attainable.


How SEO Works 

To some, it's best to let the experts deal with this. Yes, that's correct. But, it pays to know the process so your involvement becomes more significant. It is your business so you have to be a part of every step. This includes knowing how SEO becomes beneficial to your enterprise. To simplify, this is how it works...


How it works 

It all begins when someone tries to search for something online. Of course, this person uses keywords on top of mind to lead to specific information. It may seem an all too common activity for most. But, understand that search engines have intricate tools. These are responsible for returning the most relevant searches. 


The algorithm has changed and developed over the years. Different rules are in place to ensure that only the most relevant ones get shown. Even better, it leads everyone to the most credible of sources to appear on the first page. It won't be possible if an article or website is not optimized well. It's like throwing a party that no one is aware of. 


Websites and their contents need to undergo optimization. There are many ways to do it. In general, there are two ways- On-Page and Off-Page SEO. To make it simple, On-Page deals with the actual site or blog by using the right keywords. Off-Page then deals with the backend side. You'd encounter link building as one of the important off-page strategies. 


SEO Techniques 

Alright, this is also a bit technical. Some may even find it intimidating, especially for someone with little SEO knowledge. But, it helps to know some techniques. This way, it will become easier for you to work with the expert should they need something from your end. Here are some techniques you need to know:


Know the most relevant keywords 

An online search won't happen without keying in the keywords. These words launch a search, so the desired information comes up. The goal is for your content/website to appear as one of the top searches. It is possible if you optimised it based on what's most relevant. SEO experts know various tools to determine how powerful a keyword is. 


Produce updated and interesting content 

It is not rocket science. You don't need to be technical about this because it's organic. It is commonsensical that people visit sites that they think offer value to them. How does this happen? Of course, by producing any form of content that will inform and entertain them. As you do, don't forget to include the inclusion of the important keywords.


Improve general experience as they visit your website 

It goes hand in hand with the previous point. Check if your website has these characteristics:


- Easy to navigate from page to page,

- Fast page response and loading time,

- Impressive artistic, creative, and captivating layout that's easy to the eyes,

- Use of appropriate animations, videos, and other moving parts,

- Uses the right and appropriate color coordination


If yes, well and good. Now, if it's the other way around, it's about time to give your site an overhaul. Most of the time, the SEO expert may also know how to do some web design. Talk to them about it to see how your website can improve.


Top SEO Tools 

Now, it is important to know some of the tools you need. These tools get used by experts to analyze and interpret results. Different data obtained becomes helpful in launching an informed and decisive SEO plan. The next step is to make such plans come to fruition with the ultimate goal of achieving a better ranking.

The most common ones used are SEMRush and Ahrefs. Both have tools to use for analytics through keyword effectiveness among others. Both these tools are also helpful in lodging successful competitor research. As per the fee, both vary. It all depends on how much you are willing to shell out for a specific feature. Know that both tools are teeming with advanced features to help with your goal.


Other SEO tools used:


- Google Keyword Planner

- Google Search Console - Keyword Hero - Google Trends - Google Analytics

- Screaming Frog - Moz Link Explorer

Your search engine optimization efforts should all be worth it. The fundamental details such as meaning, benefits, and tools make you on the right path. But, remember to enlist the services of a trusted and credible company. 

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