This graph exactly repeats the behavior of investors in the crypto market, at bitcoin's low and panic everyone starts selling it, although crypto whales and funds start buying it up.

Then the peak happens again, the institutions and whales discount the physicals at the top, lock in profits and the cycle repeats.

Also, the point is that people who have gone through some training or watched training videos think they are gurus.

They start a pseudo analysis and strive to earn thousands of %. But in reality the result is only one - the loss of the deposit and disappointment.

Any knowledge you get should be applicable in practice and well polished. You should not only see the market, but also enjoy it.

It's also important to have a goal because without it we just don't know where we are going, we waste our time and we don't know how to act. How much % do you need to buy one coin? And for how long?

How much stop should we put? What % of the deposit to short a token? That's why elaboration and goals are important.

A beginner in crypto market should move gradually with good technologies like crypto miner, improving his skills and working with himself, with his head first of all. You have to learn that the market is always right; only you are wrong.

The market (whether it is a fund or crypto) - like a ship moves up and down in the current of candles. It rewards for patience and equanimity all those who can wait. And all freeloaders and waiters of thousands of percent are cruelly thrown overboard, sometimes by feeding them to the sharks.