For most of us, if you wear a big trailing dress to participate in the event, it seems too out of place, and the small prom dress is relatively decent. Not only can you wear it on birthday patty, wedding banquet, company annual meeting, graduation ceremony, and the other half of the anniversary date, you can even attend formal business occasions. You don't need much of this kind of prom dress. Buying two or three prom dress black long is enough for one of the few formal occasions in a year.

The petite figure is suitable for mid-high waist dresses to modify the figure proportions. At the same time, we should also try to avoid the too fluffy skirt and the exaggerated shoulder sleeve design. It is recommended to use a V-shaped low waist design to increase the slenderness.

The slender girl is a natural hanger, you can try any style of prom dress, especially the mermaid prom dress which can show your posture.

A girl with a full body is suitable for cutting straight lines, and this kind of dress will make you look more slim. The choice of waist and skirt should try to avoid complicated designs. can provide you many kinds of prom dresses with high quality at cheap price. If you want to buy a good prom dress, you can take a look at jolilis prom dresses. No matter which kind of prom dress you like, prom dresses plus size, mermaid prom dress, long sleeve prom dress or formal dresses, it is our pleasure to meet your needs.