Instagram is an internet phenomenon! With one billion users, the social network is evolving day by day to be an increasingly complete platform for brands of all sizes. Many people already understand how to make money on Instagram from influencers to virtual stores, micro-businesses, to large companies! And, if you also want to join the team, this post will help you! In it, we give you good reasons to start investing in this social network; we tell you the main options to profit there and, of course, we give you some tips for your strategy to work! Let's see how you can make money on Instagram? Why invest your time on Instagram? Instagram is a social network for those who want to earn money #fact. For brands, it is an incredible channel for relationship and acquisition of new customers; for influencers, a full plate for conquering an audience. Finally, for small and micro-entrepreneurs, the perfect place to build a brand from scratch. It is no wonder that many companies, influencers, stores, and other commercial profiles (including, see in this article, how to change your profile to commercial ) are investing time in this platform. But, let's clarify that the subject here is not just knowing how to get likes and comments on Instagram! Of course, your profit potential has a lot to do with the number of followers and the time you spend feeding the network, interacting, creating new content, etc. There are a lot of posts on the internet talking about it (on our blog, even!). Our idea is to show you the possibilities of how to make money on Instagram! How to make money on Instagram? Now you will understand how to use some resources to make money on Instagram. See the options that work the most: Sell through Instagram Shopping That's right, sell your products on Instagram. The network offers the Instagram Shopping feature, where you can tag your products in the photos and take users to a service via Director to a website. Your profile works as an online store, only much more fun! Remember that for your product posts to be truly engaging and engaging; you need to be relevant and deliver something useful. So, instead of just posting a photo of the bag you sell, include it in a look and deliver the post as a summer tip, for example. Remember to broaden the reach of these posts with hashtags and, of course, take care of the quality of these images! Make sponsored posts If you already have a larger number of followers (at least 5000, ok?), sponsored posts could be the answer to how to make money on Instagram. These are the famous advertisements. In this case, you need to convince and show the company for which you will make this sponsored post why you are the best option for it. After all, they will pay you to advertise their product/service. Therefore, it is important to be positioned as a reference on some subject in addition to the audience. That way, you will be able to influence other people to buy that product. Think about partnerships If you already have a brand, consider partnering with successful Instagrammers! But be careful! Analyze well if that influencer has to do with what you sell and what your brand proposes. See if the audience is similar and ask for reach numbers, impressions, views, etc., from the profile of the person/brand you will partner with. Remember that from the moment your customer relates an influencer to your brand, everything they do can impact your business. With these tips, you will be able to make money on Instagram! affiliates This practice on how to make money on Instagram is quite common and is favorable for both sides of the partnership. It works like this: the company and the influencer become partners — for that, they need to have an audience that coincides — and the Instagrammer discloses the products sold by this company through a link. For every sale made through this affiliate link, the influencer takes a commission on top of the value. Thus, the company gains more customers, visibility, sales and makes its partnership more assertive, as it will only need to pay a fair amount according to the number of sales that Instagrammer managed to influence. Selling stock photos What better than an app focused on publishing photos to sell them? That's right! You can learn how to make money on Instagram using your own photos and selling them to stock photos. It is possible to make this sale through collaborative image banks or through Instagram's own platform dedicated to this: PlusGram. In this app, you sell your photos, create a gallery, and choose the value you will assign to each one. There are different levels; for example, you can sell your photos for commercial purposes and with proper credits, or you can sell them for a higher price where the buyer gets full copyright. Obviously, to succeed in this, you need to be a good photographer. Your photos need to be quality and attractive. Tips for optimizing your Instagram strategy If you've come this far, you've already understood the main "paths" of how to make money on Instagram. But, it's no use just choosing what makes the most sense to you and thinking that money will sprout in the account. In fact, this is easy. The hardest part is building your audience and engaging them for real. As this is what will take up most of your time, we have separated some tips to help you improve your strategy and, consequently, help you make money on Instagram: Segment your followers It's no use having many followers if they are not interested in what you offer. They need to have identification with your profile. So, do some data analysis and keep in mind who your audience is. Thus, it is possible not only to gain followers but also to bring the right people who can really buy your products, click on your links or follow your tips!!! Offer quality content One tip on how to make money on Instagram is: to make SENSATIONAL posts. This means having differentiated content, something that makes you unique and that lives up to your audience. Don't be afraid to test formats and ask your followers what they want to see on the channel! After defining the themes, invest in the creativity in the captions hashtags, and send a bullet! Also, make sure your feed is beautiful and organized! Also, have an adequate posting frequency and always feed the page. Use available resources, not just photo publishing. Explore Stories, IGTV (which works like a YouTube channel only on Instagram), encourage reposts, tag friends on the page, do polls, giveaways, phew! There's no shortage of options! Interact! Interacting is key for you to succeed and learn how to make money on Instagram. This increases your follower base and, most importantly, builds loyalty! Creating a bond is important on social media. Bringing followers closer makes all the difference. So, answer questions, thank praise, know how to respond to criticism, offer solutions, have a good mood, be polite, ask for suggestions from followers (they love to participate!), among others. Use hashtags! This is the most basic principle since Instagram was launched. And he can help you know how to make money on Instagram! #hashtags are powerful and help users find posts on topics they are interested in. It's like a search field, only more comprehensive. By inserting hashtags in your instagram post viewer, you increase the possibilities of reaching new people, even those who don't follow you! Use specific but easily recognizable hashtags so your followers can easily find you. Here, a tip: don't go outputting just any, ok? Do a search to see the best hashtags for each post. For example, if you resell chocolates and are going to post a photo of your product, put #chocolate below the description and not #chocolates. Do you know why? Simple, the first is much more used! That is, it increases your chance of being found. encourage collaboration If you're going to make money on Instagram selling products, invite your followers to post pictures with these items! This is an excellent way to spread your brand on Instagram and gain much more visibility. A photo of a user is the most valuable advertisement a brand can have; after all, it is a genuine and free referral! It is possible to include these images in e-commerce and even offer gifts and discounts for those who use a certain hashtag, for example. Improve your profile performance even more by monitoring your performance and that of your competitors on the platform. Want to know how? Use maps! Enjoy and try seven days free of the tool and see if you like it! We are sure this will help your results a lot.