As mentioned many times in this guide, the economics of the Path of Exile is very different from those of other hacker and slash types. Everything is based on exchange trading-using NPC characters or other players-using items and dozens of different currencies. So what is it like to buy and sell items from other players?

Unfortunately, there is no auction system in Path of Exile, as found in the first few months of World of Warcraft or Diablo III games. However, the Path of Exile has a huge currency exchange market, so private currency transactions such as are very developed. You can Buy POE Currency or even any items you want on these websites. Everything here is based on dialogue between players-using the in-game chat feature (1)-through forums or sites like


Let's focus first on the aforementioned sites. After entering, you need to find the item you are interested in. So if you are looking for a specific item, enter the name of the item in the "Name (2)" column. However, if you are looking for a given type of item (for example, a two-handed weapon or armor on the torso), select the appropriate item in the Type (3) heading.

We can also use other fields, such as offense, defense attributes, or "socket" fields, which correspond to the location of the gem. After setting everything up, press Enter later to display the results table.

Here we find all information about the project-the type and number of sockets (4), the level and requirements of the equipment (5) or all the attributes the equipment has (6). We will also find another player's price for a given device (7).

If we are interested in buying, just click the "whisper" button (8), return to the game, and then paste the copied message into the chat room to send a query to the player. Thanks to this, we will be able to arrange a communication, which is usually only in the hideout of other players.

The option to sell your items looks even worse. If we want to list a project on the above page, then we need to invest a lot of cash because the free version of the game does not provide this option. If we want to do this, go into the box and click the + (9) icon to open the store.

In the store you will have two options to choose from, the first is to convert any label to an "advanced" label. The second is to buy a brand new "Premium" label (11), but this is a more expensive option. In the Advanced tab, we can place items for sale, first setting their prices-then they will automatically appear on that page.

If you don't want to spend cash, there are discussion forums and chat rooms in the game. To promote your product in a chat, open its window, select the "Transactions" tab (12) from the list, open the inventory and hold down the CTRL and ALT keys, right-click the product you want to sell. He will link to chat (13), after that you just need to send a message and wait for players interested in buying. Similarly, you can also sell POE Orbs at that Path of Exile currency exchange websites. These websites can not only Buy POE Currency but also recycle. Of course, their prices are not as high as those of private transactions, but the advantage is that they are safe enough.