We are a creative media agency that specializes in 2D/3D motion graphics | VFX + video | virtual events editing

Design and creativity-driven, we infuse our work with attention to detail and bold, brand-driven aesthetics. Our video production agency Penang, Malaysia lead—by example, by being meticulous, and by being the best. Our team is made of creators, artists, designers, and strategic thinkers who work closely together to animate and explore colorful possibilities for our clients.

At BOLD Media, we ask bold, and necessary, questions. Where do you want to go? How do you want to lead and be seen? How do you want to be heard? We work closely with you, creating opportunities for positive exchange at every step of the production process. Our job is to bring your stories to life, helping you convey the messages you need via video, live and virtual events, and numerous forms of visual narrative in media form.

We live and breathe creativity. We dream big and think bold in all that we do. Our mission is to be a visual and virtual creative media agency that elevates through constant, energetic innovation. We transform ideas and craft them into stories. We are creative storytellers who create content that resonates and inspires.

As a corporate video production in Penang, Malaysia that specializes in motion graphics, video + VFX, and virtual event editing, we aim to take your ideas to animated heights. We create Media deliverables, videos, and virtual event projects that carry your brand spirit. Whatever you aspire to be and where you want to be positioned—local, regional and global, we will create the right story for you, one that expresses who you are as a brand, and as a market trendsetter.