The best Canon printer for art prints is one of the smartest investments that any illustrator or artist can make. By giving you the permission to make high-quality prints of your work in your own place, they will save you much more money in the long term. You would not have to throw money at a repro house or a print shop. You will be able to print your project work with the best canon printer for art prints at a moment’s notice – even at midnight. For amazing results, you will need a machine suitable for better color reproduction and quality than the average Canon office printer. Ideally, it will utilize pigment-based color inks because dye-based inks do not look as nice as they need. You will also need the option of printing on heavier and in larger formats, fine art media. And these all things are available in all the best canon printer for art prints which are explained in this blog. To help you to find which printer is perfect for you from the given list of the best canon printer for art prints in this blog list. 1. Canon PIXMA iP8750 Short on money? Then this is the best canon printer for art prints that is available for you. This affordable printer machine can print a bordered sheet A3+ in full color in around two minutes. And this printer with five dye-based inks, plus a pigment black color, the results are valuable waiting for. Plus, if you need to save your money, you can buy high-yield ink cartridges that price you less than standard cartridges from the other printer machine. That ensures this is one of the cheapest and most amazing art printers to run, as well as to buy. The Canon PIXMA iP8750 is relatively affordable for an A3+ printer device, so you do not get various types of bells and whistles. There is Wi-Fi support available, plus suitable with Google Cloud Print and Apple Air Print, but no Ethernet socket and no duplexing. This printer is one of the best canon printer for art prints; it has an optional disc-printing tray. The Canon PIXMA iP8750 has a very high resolution, printing images at up to 9,600 x 2,400 dpi, with a droplet size of only one pl. PROS The pics are sharp and nice. A3+ image printing. Printing every day is quite economical. CONS It is a printer device only – no scanner. Color reproduction is merely alright. Noe Ethernet 2. Canon PIXMA PRO-200 Here is one more good option for great-looking prints at a large scale and also the best canon printer for art prints. The Canon PIXMA PRO-200 printer device will cost you about twice as much as the Canon PIXMA iP8750, but you will also get a corresponding jump in quality when it comes to color reproduction. You can see an amazing speed in the Canon PIXMA PRO-200 printer device too. It provides up to A3+ and is even larger; it will also create panoramic prints up to 99 cm wide. The device also gives lovely sharp prints that are dry and almost straight away. The Canon PIXMA PRO-200 is versatile; working with a set of eight color inks, it has the ability to print on anything from standard paper to heavier fine art media. We discovered that the print quality is slightly amazing, whether you utilize color or grayscale. Plus, with the option of wireless connectivity, it is possible to hook the model to your smartphone and utilize the AirPrint system to print up to 50 sheets of paper. That’s why this is the best canon printer for art prints. PROS Various color gradients Optimum image generating system Intuitive controls Airprint mechanism Copier available CONS Very few buttons No LCD screen 3. Canon Image PROGRAF PRO-1000 The Canon Image PROGRAF PRO-1000 prints up to A2 and gives panoramic prints up to 1.2 m, which ensures it is the best canon printer for art prints. You can also utilize this printer for your larger art projects. It delivers excellent color reproduction and sharpness via a set of 12 pigment-based Lucia Pro ink cartridges, with a further chroma optimizer for providing work on glossy paper and a smooth top coat. It will deliver an A2 print in around six minutes. Thanks to the printer for giving the high-quality inks of output are stunning, specifically when utilizing matte and fine art media. The Canon Image PROGRAF PRO-1000 printer device is by no means the cheapest art printer on our list. But if you need big, amazing, and beautiful prints of your art work, then it will be the best canon printer for art prints and gives an exceptionally good job. That is where the Canon Image PROGRAF PRO-1000-unit ticks boxes with its anti-clogging technology and high connectivity choices proving compatible for most of the art printing project works. PROS Wide connectivity choices Fine and nice color gradient Works with multiple paper types Easy to utilize Professional art printer device CONS Heavy and big 4. Canon iP8720 When it comes to affordable art printers that provide high-quality printing, then the Canon iP8720 device is most likely the best canon printer for art prints. Even though there are quite various types of options available. The Canon iP8720 is undoubtedly the one with the most value for money. It comes with a six-color ink system that has gray ink, which means that even black and white illustrations and art work can switch out quite well. This Inkjet printer device is brilliant and one of the best canon printer for art prints. The Canon iP8720 inkjet printer device gives relatively quick, professional-quality prints while being both light and compact in your pocket. So, if you want an amazing printer device that gives print quality at an affordable cost, we have a solid recommend the Canon iP8720 machine. Thus, the printer is also the most demanded device because of its print quality and affordable price. It offers a wide range of colors that prove compatible for even illustration and monochrome art work. PROS Varied ink droplets to make a nice color gradient Prints large photos Easy to utilize Reduced noise level Suitable with different ink types CONS A little bit bulky No direct USB access from the printer device Only up to 150-sheet capacity FAQs What is a good printer device resolution for the best canon printer for art prints? For most of the art work, 300 dpi is preferred. Most printer devices produce amazing output from photos set at 300 PPI. You can utilize 150 dpi for large document prints because the difference in the quality of the print is not very noticeable on large parts when you look at the prints from a distance. Why are the art prints of a printer device blurry? If you attempt to print a photo larger than the size for which the picture has available information. The photo will start to look blurry or jagged. This is known as “pixelization” because the printer device is literally creating the pixels of the picture larger to account for the scarcity of picture information. What size of the document should I print on the digital art printer device? If you need to print your digital art in an amazing output, your canvas should be a minimum of 3300 by 2550 pixels. Any canvas which has a size of more than 6000 pixels on the long side is not generally required unless you need to print it poster-sized. This is, of course, simplified much more, but it works as a common rule. Visit Site – ij start canon printer setup setup Source :-