Madden is in the danger zone. The equipment update will be the first in Madden's history, which will improve the player's status.

EA Sports released a patch note for the Madden 20 January update that includes the added Nike Vapor Edge studs. As stated by The Verge, only athletes signing for Nike (Ezekiel Elliott, Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey, etc.) can use this shoe. However, it's not just about appearance. EA has confirmed that putting on shoes will make these players faster, which looks very similar to the equipment in the game. It looks like EA may have found a new way, no matter how you buy some of Nike's contract players now It means that you may be ahead of others. Buy MUT 20 Coins at GameMS now and you will be able to buy any player you want with confidence.

Equipped with Nike Vapor Edges will provide +1 reward for speed or acceleration. To be sure, this is not much, but we are on the verge of setting a terrible precedent. EA could launch a bidding war that would require clothing companies to pay to make their products and athletes more capable. Now Nike athletes are a little faster than their official ratings, all because they are wearing the right shoes.

Imagine that EA locked the statistical enhancement device behind small micro-transactions, forcing the player to pay the price for this improvement seems to be effortless. But let us not surpass ourselves. Madden 20 is on the way to preferential treatment based on sponsorship agreements. Nike players have an advantage, although it may be trivial. This may have some impact on ordinary players, but if you are willing to spend a little cash to Buy MUT Coins, this may not cause any bad effects for you, which may mean good news.