Cracked skin is the result of a faulty skincare regimen. It is a signal of dry skin that probably needs to be treated. Let’s look out for the reasons why does our skin cracks. 

  1. Over-washing of hands

Cracked skin is a condition caused due to overwashing of hands. To prevent it, use a moisturizer. It will protect your skin from damage. However, if the symptoms do not subside, consult a dermatologist online because it can be a cause of underlying medical trouble. In some cases, cracked skin might appear due to eczema, Psoriasis. Natural oils inside the skin protect it from losing moisture, but it makes it dry and cracked if the skin doesn’t have enough oils.

  1. If you have any skin problems

The skin problems can also lead to cracked skin. You should consult a dermatologist online to find the solution.

  1. Treatments that you can try

The best way to reduce its severity is to take self-care treatments.

- Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water.

- Apply moisturizer regularly to the affected area to prevent the occurrence of cracked skin

- Use good quality skincare products like jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter, etc.

- Don’t wash hands with hot water, as it can worsen the problem of dry or cracked skin.

- Consult a dermatologist for creams and topical ointments. It can peel off your dry and dead skin and help it recover soon.

- You can even consider buying antifungal medication after prior consultation and applying it to the affected area.

- Wear breathable fabrics to avoid itchiness and irritation caused by cracked skin.


Cracked skin can worsen and may lead to other skin disorders. Hence, it is necessary to heal the skin by consulting a good dermatologist. 

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