A Online Plagiarism checker tool is one of the many tools that a professional writer or a student uses to check the originality of their essay paper. Essay writing has become much less stressful than before with so many tools at your disposal. A student can now use OSCOLA referencing tool to check specific referencing styles or a plagiarism checker tool to check for any plagiarized content.

But it is essential that you know how to use a plagiarism checker. Students often get apprehensive about using such tools. However, it is extremely easy to use. Read along to know the functionalities of plagiarism checker tools:

  • Upload the Document

The steps to use a plagiarism checker tool is –

  • Upload the document on the tool
  • Click on the upload button
  • Select the document you want to check for plagiarism

Check for a stable internet connection because you may face trouble uploading your document without good connectivity.

  • Let the Tool Scan the Paper

Once you have uploaded the document, the software starts working on it. The scanning process is entirely automatic. You have to wait for a few seconds while it scans the paper help and looks for plagiarism.

The time for the scan depends on the size of the document. If it is a small document, it will be scanned within seconds. However, if the document has several pages, the scanning process may take more than a minute.

  • The Tool will Compare the Document

These plagiarism tools access thousands of online databases to detect the slightest of traces of plagiarism. Before generating a report, it goes through thousands of documents on the internet to compare your document with all the other texts. Since it scans a vast database, it always assures you that your paper will be free of any plagiarism.

  • Generate a Report

You can generate an online report once the plagiarism tool completes checking the document. You will be alerted if the software can find any copied content. The report will show you plagiarised content that needs changes.

These steps might sound complex; however, it is extremely simple. It does not take more than a couple of minutes to complete the whole scanning process. So, you must start using a vancouver referencing generator tool the next time you write a paper. This tool improves your paper's quality and helps you get better grades during your assessments. research paper writing service