Last week was the seventh anniversary of The Path of Exile since it entered Open Beta in early 2013. To celebrate this, we want to take a journey of memory and relive some of the highlights of the past seven years. In order to commemorate the seventh anniversary, you will enjoy huge discounts when you Buy POE Currency on website.

We will start with the most-watched Trail of Exile Trailers of all time, reviewing the past seven years. To date, Open Beta Trailer has 2 million page views and was widely circulated on game forums, reporter websites and the entire Internet at the time of its release. One of the key factors that has always been defined as the "Path of Exile" is the variability of the gameplay and the unique constructive creation possibilities. When you think back to the early Open Beta, it's hard to forget how Spork Totems swept the entire community.

Also at this time, Cripp's combustion emissions were considered the strongest at the time and were very popular. In the first year, people made a lot of guesses about when it would even reach level 100. The Holocaust achieved this in the Standard League, and later that year, Baker was the first player to reach this level in the hardcore.

While the Path of Exile flourished, as people became interested in the meaning of the Path of Exile and the game culture, we encountered more new milestones. When Mirakat released this high-quality witch role-playing game, the entire development team was talking about all the small details that made it a reality. In addition to the "Escape Road" entered the public beta and recruited many new players, this year we also officially released "Escape Road" and listed Scion as the seventh year. Most importantly, when GameSpot announced that we were the PC game of the year, it was a victory for the team and was strongly encouraged to let us know that we are in good shape.

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