Realistic sex robots are Instagram's new influencers as owners bring them to life. What started as a sex toy critic's joke has morphed into a social media phenomenon that attracts lifelike Sex Doll lovers.

Affected by medical beauty, many women look like inflatable dolls after plastic surgery, which also gives room for inflatable dolls to develop, and those who are interested use Real Love Doll to pretend to be real women to create Instagram accounts and gain a huge number of followers.

Over the past six years, T's Instagram account for Sex Doll named Celestina has amassed more than 3,000 followers and has even become a YouTuber with 1,000 subscribers. Celestina is a model, journalist for TFM News, avid cosplay enthusiast, and an advocate for Sex Dolls and robots and those who love them.

Celestina is now one of countless sex doll Instagram accounts, but Sex Doll with a massive following is dwindling. Another popular doll is Alita, whose 914 posts are more hilarious depictions of hardworking women than sexual. From her completing various DIY tasks to sitting down to dinner and playing video games, Alita's snapshots range widely.

Another red-haired doll, who has nearly 2,000 Instagram followers, was captioned a photo of her last week celebrating her long hair. In contrast, sex doll influencer Tasha shares far more sexy content, as it gets men's blood going in the comments section.

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