TimeChart employee time and attendance system software Is Advantageous for Your Business?

Keeping track of employee productivity is key to minimise wastages and get maximum value for every dollar invested in the company staff and infrastructure. Our employee productivity monitoring system has various built-in features, with a singular goal – to boost staff productivity and enable business growth.

The employees can check their own performance with accurate and real-time data about their productivity. This way they know whether they are meeting the targets or have some catching up to do. The self-introspection module of the employee tracking system enables this type of self-assessment to help individual team members know about their performance and what areas need to be improved upon.


Why chose our proprietary employee tracking system?

Amazing transparency

In the absence of the employee tracking system, the individuals may not come to know if they are adhering to targets. For management, it becomes difficult to separate the personal hours form the productive hours, especially for field staff. This system truly powers up payroll processing across the organization.

Enables cost control

The ability of separating productive time from other hours, makes the employee tracking system a powerful value-add to your performance management objectives. Now you have better clarity on what budget constraint would impact project budget and cost. Even the most minor expense for a day is accounted for, making it a powerful system for payroll processing and cost control.

Better control on field / remote staff

It is challenging to control the time spent on productive tasks for the field staff, as they are not physically present in front of your eyes. Even for remote working staff, managers need to keep a close eye on employee performance for the day. The employee tracking software helps you to know what the remote or field staff is up to.

But with this software, this task of managing remote staff becomes simplified and transparent.