By all accounts, you'd be pardoned for discounting Extraordinary You as one more nonexclusive k-show set in a secondary school. At the point when you jump somewhat more profound nonetheless, Extraordinary You is a cunningly composed series, one that consolidates parody and secret components to extraordinary impact while setting its story in the mindful bounds of a comic book. DramaCool With the guidelines laid out from the beginning, Extraordinary You stirs things up rapidly, acquainting additional layers of show with the crease, all of which finishing in a noteworthy finale that wraps everything up pleasantly with a wiped out sweet bow. At the core of this one is Dan-O, an adorable secondary school young lady who rapidly finds she's a focal person in a comic book. The actual story unfurls across two seperate regions - the shadow and the scene. The last option sees the activities and exchange of each not entirely set in stone by the essayist while in the shadow the characters are allowed to act anyway they please. At the point when Dan-O learns she's not the principal character in the story, because of the endeavors of individual schoolmate Joo-Da, Dan-O unintentionally changes the story, setting off a chain of occasions that outcome in some wild and insane story beats. As the season advances, Dan-O ends up trapped in a bound heartfelt point with novice Ha-Roo, while Kyung and a couple of different understudies begin to become mindful too. Close to the furthest limit of the series, things truly do become more clear over what's going on and each of this outcomes in a cunningly composed and sensational end to this story. Alongside the plot, Extraordinary You succeeds with its characterisation. Kyung specifically has different layers to his persona, moving from through and through adversary almost immediately to a greater amount of a wannabe model during the halfway point. This swings like a pendulum all through the 16 episodes too while Dan-O works effectively rejuvenating her personality. The science she imparts to Ha-Roo on screen is one of the features of the whole show, while Do-Hwa, Nam-Joo and Joo-Da's circle of drama makes heads spin and conveys a few decent shocks en route. Outwardly, Extraordinary You really does well to keep things reasonable, given the likely disarray of the shadow/scene shifts. Connoted by an overstated page flick sound, colors pop and light up when the comic scene starts and the unexpected peculiarities when that particular scene changes assists with separating when the shadow starts. While this sounds a piece tangled, Extraordinary You really does well to keep things reasonable and simple to follow all through the show. Exceptional You is a troublesome show to endure with each episode in turn. The extended cuts of show are not difficult to watch and the cliffhanger endings make you want more and more. There's a few incredible exciting bends in the road en route as well, and props to the cast for this one; there's a few extraordinary exhibitions all through the show. While it would be not difficult to discount this one as "simply one more secondary school k-show", Extraordinary You is remarkably great and certainly worth a watch.