Preferred Home Technologies is a top security alarm company in Friendswood, which has safeguarded American lives and property for over 40 years now. We're experts in designing and installing state-of-the-art security systems for homes and offices in Houston. The communities highly trust PHT security systems in Houston due to impeccable service, affordable costs, and an array of innovative security solutions. 


Our sole aim has been to safeguard American families and their hard-earned assets through cutting-edge security technology and professional services. PHT has been providing burglar and fire alarms, CCTV cameras, and intelligent sensors in Houston. 


Domestic Security Solutions


Our expertly designed security systems protect residential communities from burglars, thieves, and other unauthorized intruders. Our domestic security solutions have safeguarded families and their personal belongings for decades. 


Enjoy the peace of mind of securing your children, seniors, pets, and assets from anywhere with PHT security systems. 


Commercial Security Solutions


Our security systems have safeguarded businesses from theft, fire hazards, and disgruntled employees. Our array of security devices can holistically safeguard offices, godowns, factories, schools, healthcare institutions, and other commercial establishments. 


Our reliable, professional, and friendly staff is highly trusted by our customers, who have availed our services for decades now. 


Trust the Best Security Alarm Company in Friendswood


At PHT security systems, you get much more than the best security systems in Houston. Our security alarms and cameras are fitted with the latest advancements in safety technology like intrusion detection, intelligent systems, remote access control, etc. We believe in securing one American home at a time so that you can feel better and safe with your loved ones protected. 


Get in touch with us at (281) 272-5276 or to schedule a quick survey of your home or commercial space to protect your home and valuables with the best security alarm company Friendswood.